Discover how Acoem Eagle wireless solutions will improve the reliability of your cooling towers

Cooling towers play a critical role in protecting your industrial equipment. Without the right condition monitoring solution they can become fatigued or malfunction, severely impacting other systems and processes along the production line — and potentially causing shutdowns and costly repairs. A wireless Acoem Eagle sensor at work on a cooling tower provides the [...]

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Acoem’s role in helping Thailand monitor air quality as part of its COVID-19 response

The concentration of ambient particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) directly corresponds to the speed at which the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spreads. Research has also indicated that high levels of PM2.5 contribute to higher mortality rates from the virus. With the help of Acoem, through its exclusive Thai partner, Sithiporn Associates, the Thai government is [...]

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Future-proof your investment in class-leading noise monitoring solutions: Enhanced mobile connectivity for Acoem Fusion & Cube

When Acoem designs and manufactures its noise monitoring solutions, it does so knowing its instruments may be in service for 10-15 years! Environmental monitoring professionals need assurance that technology purchased today has a clear upgrade path — the ability to future-proof their financial and non-financial investment for years to come. The Fusion™ sound level [...]

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Keeping local communities around airports informed using Aerovision

Since Aerovision™ was deployed at two of Belgium’s three major airports – Liège and Charleroi – local residents and businesses are now able to easily access to comprehensive real-time information as aircraft ground noise levels, corresponding flights data and weather data. Airports around the world use the Aerovision™ system to ensure that they maintain [...]

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Keeping air quality safer for children: ACOEM installs first Healthy Schools Index in Asia at Bangkok school

Every child should feel safe and healthy at school, no matter where that school is located. In Bangkok, Thailand, where air pollution can be problematic especially during the winter months from December to February, ACOEM has recently installed the first Healthy Schools Index (HSI) in Asia. The system gives parents and caregivers reassurance that [...]

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Protecting Cultural Heritage During Construction Using ACOEM Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Ever wondered how priceless works of art are protected while construction is taking place at cultural institutions or close by? The answer is ACOEM noise, vibration and dust monitoring solutions. Even the slightest vibration from construction works can cause external walls to crack, floors to shake or interior walls to move and possibly dislodge [...]

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Construction site risk mitigation using ACOEM Noise, Vibration & Dust monitoring solutions

You wouldn’t visit a construction site without a safety helmet, boots and a high-visibility vest, so why take unnecessary risks when it comes to excessive or possibly negligent noise, vibration and dust? Managing noise, vibration and dust is critical not only to protect your workers and the surrounding community, but it also the easiest [...]

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Our Relationship with Sound: The Role Noise Plays in Our Lives

Noise is a constant in our modern, busy lives – but what happens when it changes or disappears? Do we notice, does it make a difference and how does it affect us? This year has brought about profound changes to the planet, with a pandemic that has affected billions of people, businesses and the [...]

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The urban environment post COVID-19: a paradigm shift for pollution and security?

Throughout history, pandemics have severely impacted major cities and our current crisis is no different. Urban spaces with denser populations will always be more susceptible to diseases that can be spread via airborne contagions, surfaces and human to human contact. Post-COVID-19 we will be faced with immediate and long-term challenges. The first is how can [...]

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Cross bore or single point solutions for ultrasonic tunnel airflow monitoring

Road tunnels require continual fresh air flow to ensure that visibility is maintained and toxic gases levels are kept within acceptable limits. In the event that levels exceed those limits, the tunnels’ ventilation systems will begin operating wall or ceiling mounted jet fans. Jet fans are extremely expensive to run based on their enormous [...]

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