Machinery diagnotics

Smart app based solution for proactive & predictive maintenance

The Acoem Augmented Mechanics Ecosystem is the first flexible and scalable machine maintenance solution designed to combine alignment, vibration and thermography on the same mobile platform. The Augmented Mechanics Ecosystem is an easy to use digital toolbox that empowers users to perform guided precision alignments, on-the-spot machinery diagnostics, thermographical controls, and additional services via cloud connectivity. More than just a maintenance tool, it is a unique solution providing actionable data on the machinery health and tasks to be carried out, making the road to action and correction shorter than ever.

Why you need the Augmented Mechanics ecosystem?

Until now, you have had to rely on a number of diagnostic tools and sensors to ensure that you had full insight into the reliability and operation of your rotating equipment. This has made anticipating issues difficult and delayed reaction times.
Acoem understands your need to take control of your machinery and be able to share information with relevant team members, so we have developed a new app-based ecosystem – a customisable solution that simplifies the process and provides you with all the relevant information you need to proactively identify maintenance requirements and make smarter, more confident collective decisions.

Constantly connect with your team

The data gathered and pushed to the Acoem cloud gives you instant access to vital information while the ecosystem’s collaborative tools lets you share that information and synchronise machine operations with relevant team members.

The Augmented Mechanics Ecosystem

The first all-in-one solution empowering mechanics by combining vibration, alignment and thermography through an easy to use app based ecosystem.

Discover our RT-300 solution

How does it work ?

The Augmented Mechanics ecosystem is a combination of mobile applications, connected wireless sensors and cloud-based software that together form a virtual protective ring around your machinery’s rotating equipment.

6 apps that connect with wireless sensors are now integrated in this ecosystem:

  • Pre-alignment – works with Acoem wireless AT-010 Run-out probe
  • Horizontal shaft alignment – works with Acoem wireless AT-200 laser units
  • Vertical shaft alignment – works with Acoem wireless AT-200 laser units
  • Machine Defender – works with Acoem wireless VT-300 vibration sensor
  • Bearing Defender – works with Acoem wireless VT-300 vibration sensor
  • FLIR One Thermography – works with FLIR One Pro camera

RT-300 is the first product combination resulting from this ecosystem available on the market.

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