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At Acoem we know that our customers rely on us to provide holistic environmental monitoring solutions that have the power to make a positive difference to people, places and the planet. We are pioneers in designing, manufacturing, commissioning and maintaining integrated measurement solutions for a wide range of parameters that require accurate data to prevent pollution or degradation of our precious resources. We continually seek out answers to global problems and develop technology that will simplify monitoring processes and be accessible to everyone.

When you choose to partner with us, you gain access to a worldwide team of passionate and professional environmental experts who dedicate their lives to empowering others to make the right choices when it comes to the way we utilise, preserve and protect our environment – the air we breathe, the sounds we hear, the water we drink and the atmosphere that surrounds us.

Environmental parameters we specialise in

We have spent more than five decades developing innovative and ground-breaking solutions for ambient air measurement for preventative, regulatory, occupational health & safety and general compliance purposes.

Working closely with the industrial sector, we provide the right technology and connected systems for accurate continuous emissions monitoring and partner with businesses, airports, the construction and mining industries and governments organisations to ensure that noise and vibration levels that can affect quality of life for workers and surrounding communities remain at ambient and legally acceptable levels.

Other specialised solutions include illumination and air control management for tunnels with a range of tunnel sensor systems for existing infrastructure and new builds; fixed and mobile dust and blast monitoring technology for mining and construction sites; and dedicated proprietary air quality monitoring equipment for targeted scientific research – including climate studies, weather modelling and natural disasters assessments.


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Beyond the products – Integrated platforms & apps

In addition to individual products and integrated solutions, we also develop the software platforms, data loggers and cloud-based applications that connect our environmental ecosystem – making it easier to access your precision data in real time no matter your location and make critical information accessible and usable to inform decisions regarding controls, mitigation or intervention to reduce environmental impact.

Our platforms, like Cadence – the central management conduit for all Acoem noise and vibration monitoring tools and Aerovision – our specialised airport environment management system for noise and air quality measurement – ensure that your vital environmental data is reliable, repeatable, easily accessible, centralised and secure.

Healthy Schools adapts the best of Acoem’s monitoring technology into a simple and easily operated app for real-time and immediate access to precise data about pollution levels in around your school, educational institutions or childcare facility via any connected device.

Beyond the products – global services & support

Every Acoem environmental solution is backed by our extensive research and development capabilities, exceptional local knowledge and the support we provide to our users around the world.

Service, repair and calibration

We offer accredited service, repair and calibration centres for our environmental monitoring equipment in:

  • Limonest, France (noise and vibration equipment)
  • Grants Pass, Oregon USA (Met One particulate monitors)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio USA (gas analysers)
  • Melbourne, Australia (for all Acoem & select non-Acoem equipment).

Each of our service, repair and calibration centers is fully accredited for the specific equipment they work on and their geographical region.

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Providing expert training to our customers is key to the successful operation and ongoing maintenance of our specialised environmental monitoring solutions. Our team of professional trainers and technicians will provide you with thorough training and guidance on individual pieces of equipment and/or entire integrated systems. In most cases, the trainer will come to your site or you can visit a designated Acoem office to attend your training session.

We can tailor your training to suit your specific need or application and in addition to face-to-face instruction, we also have a series of videos and/or can conduct training sessions online for greater convenience.

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Accreditation and certification

Accreditation/certification is your guarantee of quality and professionalism. Every element of our operations is fully accredited and certified by relevant local and global authorities – which ensures that each Acoem product and service is always of the highest possible standard.

Our manufacturing processes, service and calibration centers, and research and development facilities are all ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.

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How do you shorten the path between monitoring & informed action?

We have been researching, developing and redefining class-leading multi-parameter environmental monitoring solutions for more than 45 years through our Ecotech, Met One, 01dB, Dynoptic Systems, Tunnel Sensors and Air Monitors brands. Today, we offer our global customers a complete range of integrated measurement technologies and services, ensuring that your data is always accurate and your equipment operates with maximum efficiency.

We believe in helping you find the right balance between progress and preservation. Enabling industries, government authorities, scientists and communities to make knowledgeable decisions based on reliable data, our holistic solutions lead to operational excellence and better outcomes.

At Acoem, we create environments of possibility every day.

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