Tunnel sensors

Acoem Tunnel Sensors is a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of advanced technology instrumentation for tunnel atmosphere monitoring.

We design and manufacture our own analysers specifically for pollution monitoring in the traffic tunnel environment. Our analysers are designed to be combined in a modular fashion, offering the flexibility to create monitoring systems specifically adapted to the requirements of individual tunnels.

Our tailored range – designed to meet your needs

We design, manufacture, commission and maintain a complete range of road tunnel monitoring systems. Our instruments communicate with tunnel ventilation systems, automatically instructing them when to turn on critical jet fans due to changes in internal atmospheric conditions.

Tunnel visibility monitors

Our tunnel monitors measure toxic gases, visibility and temperature within harsh tunnel environments.


Tunnel airflow monitors

Our Airflow monitors are considered crucial assets in any existing or new build tunnel system.


Tunnel gas monitors

Our gas monitors keep tunnel workers and drivers safe while helping road and tunnel owners comply with mandated government standards.


Tunnel luminance monitors

Our Luminance monitors measure the level of brightness at tunnel entrances / exits to maintain drivers' visual perception.


Tunnel illuminance monitors

Our lluminance photometers measure illuminance inside the tunnel bore to help maintain safe lighting conditions for drivers.


Tunnel monitors accessories

We offer a variety of accessories designed to assist with installating, operating and maintaining our monitoring equipment.


Superior road tunnel monitoring solutions

As global populations grow and existing road infrastructure become more congested, urban planners are increasingly turning to underground road tunnel networks to support smart city and regional expansion. Accurate and efficient monitoring of atmospheric conditions in tunnels using accurate tunnel sensors is critical to ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of those who use them. It is mandatory for regulatory compliance and integral to maintaining the longevity of the asset for road owners/operators.

New build tunnels

We work collaboratively with ventilation contractors to ensure we commission the best possible road tunnel monitoring equipment to meet each project’s specifications, whether that is a fully integrated measurement system, a network of instruments or a single sensor or component. We offer flexible solutions that allow for the nuances of each project.

Tunnel refurbishments

When tunnel infrastructure ages, structural components and auxiliary systems need to be upgraded. Every 10 years, tunnels generally undergo major refurbishments, including replacing electronics, lighting, controls, fire alarms and measurements systems.
Our team of specialists works closely with tunnel operators and their contractors to ensure that all replacement sensors and integrated systems are tailored to meet individual requirements and offer the most advanced technology available – providing accuracy and ongoing efficiency.

Advantages of Acoem road tunnel sensor equipment 

  • Fully customisable systems and solutions
  • Compliance with international standards for atmospheric measurement
  • All systems are designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Simple clip and lock heads/mounts for easy unit installation and servicing
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Specialists in new builds and retrofit for tunnels & confined underground spaces
  • Worldwide expertise with 100s of underground monitoring projects successfully commissioned
  • Personalised service and technical support
  • 35+ years’ tunnel monitoring experience

Excellence in customer service and support

We know that investing in a new monitoring system is a big commitment, and we understand the importance of offering clear, unbiased advice from the beginning of the process, so you can select the best solution to meet your needs.

We are with you every step of the way, from your initial enquiry through to routine service contracts and beyond – not just providing the highest standard of service – but building a relationship with you and our customers around the world.

We also have a dedicated network of international distributors in 30+ countries. All our distributors are knowledgeable and technically trained to offer helpful information and guidance on the entire tunnel sensor range.

Together, we can assist you with preliminary site surveys, customisation of solutions, commissioning and routine maintenance/service.

Accessories & complementary components

  • Calibration accessories
    • Optical filters
    • Reference gas cells
  • Cables
    • Power
    • Communications
    • Outputs
  • Installation accessories
    • Mounting brackets
    • Extension sight tubes
  • Advanced control units
    • In-tunnel communication
    • Networking
    • Power
  • PSU and termination units


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