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With our personalized hybrid & multi-technology approach, we focus on giving you total control of your plant predictability


"We installed this wireless sensor a year ago, is it capturing any data?"

"If I had advanced notice, I could have ordered the right parts."

"We have all of this vibration data but nothing tells us what to do."

"Nobody told me that this machine was going to fail."

Experiencing challenges with your maintenance strategy?

If your current maintenance program is struggling with machine downtimes, skill gaps, limited insights into equipment condition and unexpected costs – or you’re planning to implement new, more sustainable processes – rather than search for individual remedies for each maintenance channel, Acoem Advisor offers a single, connected solution that features an entire ecosystem of tools for data collection.

Why choose Advisor?

Advisor is an individually tailored, custom-designed condition-based maintenance strategy. It seamlessly integrates into your organisation’s existing maintenance program to increase asset integrity and availability using a wide selection of user-friendly wireless, portable, offline and online tools for data collection and AI-driven analysis complemented by human expertise.

Advisor prioritises your maintenance schedule by identifying what actions need to be taken, when and for how long to achieve the highest level of asset reliability.

Advisor provides a world class reliability program efficient at 100% since day one.

Meet Advisor

Advisor is a condition-based maintenance strategy that seamlessly integrates into an organization’s maintenance program to increase asset integrity and availability.

How do I begin my maintenance journey with Advisor?

Partnering with Acoem means that we get to know every element of your business, how it operates, your main concerns and your push points.

The first step is to expertly evaluate your plant condition and classify your machines to establish which are critical, semi-critical and non-critical, to provide the best support. We can either do this in person, by visiting your site(s) or you can perform the inventory yourself.

Based on your specific requirements, our in-house Level 3 and 4 reliability experts will develop a customized plan to monitor the condition of your machines utilizing vibration analysis and an extensive range of other predictive technologies as required. Factoring in each machine’s unique characteristics like accessibility, complexity and criticality, we’ll determine the most effective and user-friendly data collection methodology for each asset, including:

  • Portable collection for periodic data
  • Wireless sensors
  • Continuous monitoring

Access the right data at the right time with Advisor Dashboard

Don’t wait for your machine to break down to gather your data. Accurate and timely data is key to taking the right preventative actions. The Advisor Dashboard is your personal gateway to all your monitoring data and gives you access to everything you need to know about the health and performance of your machines.
An easy-to-use, web-based data visualization platform, it manages and stores all your machinery’s information in a single, secure database.

The Dashboard includes:

  • Expert recommendations provided for each individual piece of machinery within 24 hours of collection
  • Overview of all your assets or your entire network across multiple sites
  • Historical data for comparative trend & root cause analysis
  • Prioritised maintenance schedule.
  • AI (Accurex)-augmented diagnosis with alarms further investigated and analyzed by Level 3 & 4 experts

Our actions recommendation based on human expertise complemented by AI-driven analysis allows us to reach peak efficiency from day 1. Our diagnostic AI is independently trained and thus immediately operational.

Hover over each step to learn more:


Data Collection

1. Data Collection

After we determine the most effective method of monitoring for each asset (handheld route-based, wireless sensors, and/or continuous monitoring), vibration data is collected.


Vibration Analysis

2. Vibration Analysis

Once vibration data is collected, our remote team of level 3 and 4 vibration experts analyze the data and report findings within 24 hours.


Actionable Data

3. Actionable Data

The results of each machinery analysis are immediately available to view in the Advisor Dashboard , our secure, web-based, data visualization tool. We advise on the how, what, and when to fix each problem.


Corrective Action

4. Corrective Action

If machine faults are identified, maintenance becomes the next logical step. We will be by the client’s side throughout the process to help troubleshoot any roadblocks that are encountered.

Working within your security protocols

  • Some security protocols may prevent sensors from sending data to an external cloud. Or you may not wish for your data to be stored on Acoem servers.
  • With Advisor, we send data to your specified location utilizing our Nest i4.0 Webportal to accommodate any restrictions in place.

Scalable, highly flexible & seamlessly integrated: Advisor grows as you do

Advisor’s data collection methodology isn’t limited to the equipment we manufacture or the services we provide. We partner with other trusted global experts in niche maintenance-related fields to fill any gaps in your maintenance program.

Advisor allows you to expand your data collection scope from initial vibration and alignment to include additional predictive technologies like motor testing, balancing, oil analysis, acoustic control and thermography to increase the total reliability of your facility.

Using historical data within the Advisor program, our reliability experts can venture beyond resolving current or immediate problems by identifying possible Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) factors and work with you to eliminate repetitive and highly visible failures.

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