Monitoring educational facilities so students can focus on learning

From childcare facilities to trade institutes, the grand halls of historic universities and ivy league colleges, the education sector is the foundation for learning, growth and development of our children, adolescents, adults and senior citizens. While the education sector has recently undergone a revolutionary transformation with a shift towards online learning, in-person education remains the industry standard. Acoem is committed to providing solutions that help individuals and communities feel safe and protected in educational environments. 

Accurate, real-time data about conditions in and around your facility at all times

Education is every person’s right to expand their knowledge, communicate and engage with others, develop self-awareness, connect with the wider world, build relationships, acquire skills, develop critical thinking and experience different perspectives through instruction, guidance and collaboration. Our targeted location-specific monitoring solutions — including Acoustic Threat Detection, indoor air quality measurement systems and Healthy Schools Index for ambient air and noise monitoring — are designed to safeguard educational institutions from risks, threats and environmental factors that could affect students and staff’s health, safety and ability to learn and teach by giving you precise real-time data when you need it most.


Students and staff need to feel secure at school. That means out of harm’s way and safe from excessive noise, potentially dangerous levels of localised pollution, indoor contaminants, virus transmission and threats. Talk to us about how we can safeguard your school, your school community and your assets from possible problems using tailored solutions that meet your immediate and future needs, no matter how large or small your facilities are.


With some campuses as large as towns, it can seem like a daunting task to try and keep your university community safe at all times. Acoem has extensive experience working with governments and administrations to establish monitoring systems that can provide a protective ring of safety around your entire area —from being able to pinpoint danger zones and the exact location and type of dangerous threat, to ensuring that the atmosphere inside and outside is free of contaminants or hazardous levels of pollutants. 


No matter the kind of institution or the size, we have a solution that will provide you with the accurate data you need to make informed decisions. So if you are a museum and want to protect your priceless collections from vibration caused by nearby construction work, or a childcare centre looking at the best way to ensure your children remain safe from excessive dust or smoke, we will work with you to understand your needs and provide a system or network of monitoring devices and diagnostics to give you greater peace of mind.


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