Noise and vibration softwares

Software platforms that integrate seamlessly with Acoem noise and vibration monitoring equipment

All of Acoem’s noise and vibration monitoring sensors and instruments have been developed to work seamlessly with specific software platforms. Each software solution has been specified to ensure that the data you capture is accurate and secure; you have certainty for compliance with regulations; can accurately predict noise patterns; and have the confidence to make informed decisions regarding risk mitigating intervention when required.

Choose a software option that suits your noise and vibration project:

From prediction for noise mapping projects to data acquisition and post processing analysis, there is an Acoem software solution to suit every project and application. Our software can be installed on multiple devices with no security key required, making the process of processing your data easier.

Sound acquisition & post-processing data

dBTrait‘s data gathered using Acoem Fusion™, Cube™ and Orion™, as well as dB4 associated with dBTrig. It is simple and productive but also includes advanced features, such as full synchronisation of video recordings with times & multi spectrum histories.

dBTrig software

dBTrig is the software program dedicated to the acquisition of sound & vibration data from dB4 multichannel devices, making it easier to perform environmental measurements in monitoring projects.


dBTrait software

dBTrait is a high-performance software platform for the post-processing of acoustic, vibration & meteorological data


Indoor & outdoor noise prediction application

We offer both CadnaA (indoor applications) and CadnaR (outdoor applications) noise prediction software that also calculates, presents and assesses environmental noise. They feature 30 implemented standards and guidelines, powerful calculation algorithms, extensive tools for object handling, outstanding 3D visualisation and a user-friendly interface for noise calculation and mapping projects of any size.


Outdoor noise prediction software



Indoor noise prediction software


Occupation monitoring software

  • dBLEXD is compatible with older generation dosimeters (01dB branded SIE95 and CLS95), Acoem sound level meters, including other instruments if you manually input information to do exposure simulations or retrieve data.
  • dBTrait-HV is specified for use with the VIB vibration dosimeter & meets the requirements of current regulations and standards ISO5349-1/2 and ISO2631-1.

dBLexd software

dBLEXD software is the optimum software package for processing & analysis of occupational noise exposure measurement


dBTrait-HV software

dBTrait-HV software allows for the processing & analysis of occupational vibration exposure measurement


Building acoustics software

dBInside time measurements performed with Fusion™ smart noise and vibration analyser. It takes into account international standards ISO 717 and ISO 140, is ideally suited to building acoustics applications, including sound insulation between rooms, acoustic corrections and equipment noise.

dBInside software

dBInside is a post-processing software program for sound insulation & reverberation


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