Smart Building Acoustics Solution

Building acoustics solution

The Smart Building Acoustics Solution enables building acoustics technicians to enhance their productivity in the field and also in the office. The Acoem solution includes an embedded module in a sound level meter (FUSION), dBInside software running on a PC, a sound source and a tapping machine (LS01, LS02, TM01, etc.).


Remote access
Remote control via a mobile device
Advanced indicators
Measurement quality indicators for reverberation time (ISO 3382 standard)
Data measurement
Automatic distribution of measurements for each test
One-click report covering all tests

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Newest Version of dBInside

dBInside 2.0 is now available with a wave of new features including improved ergonomics (new icons, automatic updates…), new standards (ISO 16283, ISO 16032…) and advanced features (“Eliminate Noise” function, modification of measurement type…).

Building Module

With the 2.45 version, FUSION is enhanced with new functions for measuring building noise:

  • Record audio comments
  • Automatic audio recording for all measurements
  • Automatic recording of measurements in DI Fine (20 mins)
  • Stop and confirm all measurements via the Web interface
  • Instant sound level display during equipment noise measurement

On-Screen Results

In addition to all these new features, you can now view your test results directly on your FUSION screen. During or after measurements, you can access standardized calculations of sound insulation, impact noise or equipment noise levels.

Acoem ecosystem

The Acoem ecosystem is all about synergy between the products in a new range. ORION, FUSION, CUBE: four units, four fields of application but one single “ecosystem” focused on improving your productivity. To this end, they all operate in the same way when it comes to the integrated keyboard and web interface. They use identical data processing software. And they all share the same accessories.
The new Smart Building Acoustics Solution is available for FUSION sound level meters.

Smart detection

With Acoem Smart Building Acoustics Solution, simply perform a measurement. Once completed, your sound level meter automatically detects the type of measurement that has been achieved:

  • L1 Source level
  • L2 Receive level
  • Li Impact noise level
  • Lb Background noise…
  • This patented innovation, which tests several conditions, correctly recognizes over 90% of signals measured.

Smart organization

The measurements organization in FUSION is effective when used with dBInside program. Measurements are automatically distributed per test (impact, airborne, equipment) without any action from the user. This feature makes it possible to process measurements more quickly by avoiding unnecessary operations.


The FUSION sound level meters include an embedded Wi-Fi module that can be used to operate remotely via a dedicated web interface. Using a smartphone, tablet or computer, the user can access all parameters and also start, view or stop current measurements. This unique feature enables all users to choose how they wish to control their measurements: either using FUSION’s built-in interface, or remotely.


A number of accessories are used for building acoustics measurements, including noise sources:

  • unidirectional and omnidirectional airborne noise sources
  • tapping machine
  • tripod
  • facade measurement poles
  • microphone extenders, etc.

Calculation and reporting

With the dBInside software, acousticians can manage all their measurements to compute the different statutory indicators and issue their report.

This organization enables dBInside program to automatically calculate standardized ratings as a function of the selected standard, once the measurements are transferred. These indicators will be displayed in the test result line.

Once all results have been validated by the user, standardized reports can be produced. The test reports are generated in Microsoft® EXCEL using a template based on the ISO 140 standard.

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The Smart Building Acoustics Solution enables building acoustics technicians to enhance their productivity in the field and also in the office.

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