Noise monitoring terminal

The noise monitoring terminal of choice for environmental consultants, building sites and industries around the world, Cube™ features 4G mobile connectivity built in — no external modem required. Designed for every application, Cube can be adapted to suit your needs: portable in a weather-proof carrying case or stationary in a fixed unit of your choice.


A Type Approved Sound Level Meter
Dedicated to Monitoring
Cadence compatible, push mode, real time notifications
Control your communication, sms, 4G, LAN, WIFI
Built-in WIFI, 4G modem, GPS, Web Interface
Advanced triggers, advanced acoustic indicators, synchronized encoding
Authenticated and encrypted communication with Cadence
Easy to install
Designed to be integrated in an electrical cabinet
High-definition full colour interface, 3-key silent keyboard
Opened to accessories
Up to 6 sensors weather station interface

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Acoem ecosystem

We design our noise and vibration monitoring instruments on a single ecosystem to facilitate greater inter-connectivity between devices, components and data solution software. With the same integrated keyboard and intuitive web interface, each instrument uses identical data processing software. This improves productivity and makes it simple to operate — with adaptable features and accessories shared across OrionFusion and Cube.
This complementary and harmonised system is part of our commitment to ‘do more with less.’

Guaranteed metrology

The Cube system is certified IEC 61672 class 1 and is approved in numerous countries. During acoustic monitoring, there may be multiple noise sources to measure, located in varying positions relative to the measurement point (e.g. land transport, aircraft, industrial noise and worksites). Cube can be used to take measurements in two reference directions: 0° or 90°.

Calibration and verification

To simplify on-site installation, Cube has a function for the automatic detection of a calibration acoustic source which lets you calibrate and adjust the instrument without doing anything more than switching on the device.

An integrated measurement-chain verification system also performs periodic checks automatically. Electrical verification tests the entire measurement chain, including the microphone by injecting an alternating sinusoidal load on the microphone’s terminals at the selected frequencies, at one or two levels. The principle is to read reference values and check the deviation with respect to other measured values over time.

Sophisticated events module

Cube incorporates a highly sophisticated event-detection filter system — from the simplest to the most complex configuration. At a basic level, you can define an event and set a trigger that can be programmed over a maximum of 24 time periods. All parameters (overall level, spectral level, sliding Leq, meteorological, etc.) stored at the logging interval instantaneously can be used to define the trigger. With the advanced module, up to five events can be programmed, each featuring a combination of logic statements (“AND” or “OR”) for several triggers.

24/7 Connectivity

CUBE offers excellent connectivity, with a built-in 4G modem, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Ethernet and ADSL connections. It monitors around the clock, responds to your requests and keeps you informed of situations encountered:

  • acoustic and meteorological measurements
  • structured storage of information
  • automatic transmission of data to one or two remote servers
  • changes to parameter configuration via a Web interface from your computer or smartphone
  • real-time listening to the measured noise
  • real-time display of data
  • text message sent upon low internal battery
  • communication of alarms to 01dB WebMonitoring services

DMK01 external unit

The external microphone that comes as standard with your Cube is the DMK01 which features:

  • Robust stainless-steel body
  • Specific preamplifier & spike let you reuse the microphone supplied with Cube
  • Specific anti-wind shield
  • A dummy microphone to protect Cube when the microphone is removed.
  • The unit connects to Cube’s preamplifier input via a cable of 4-50 metres in length. The periodic electrical verification function remains available.

Weather station integration

With Cube, you can interface with the VAISALA WXT536 (six sensors) and WXT532 (two sensors) stations. Acoem chose these two stations because neither features moving parts, averting the risk of mechanical malfunction due to freezing temperatures or wear.

The weather station and Cube share a power supply with a 10-metre cable connecting the two units, giving you increased flexibility when installing the system. Meteorological data is stored on the Cube system and transmitted in the same way as acoustic data (WiFi, 4G modem, USB cable, etc.). The logging interval for meteorological data is a multiple of the acoustic logging interval. Using the remote interface, you can view the wind speed and direction (and additional weather data) in real time.

Acoustic indicators

Cube features all the indicators expected by acoustic engineers: Leq, Lp, 1/1 or 1/3 octave spectrum, fast-slow. They can be measured and stored on the basis of an integration period (IP) of 20 ms (min.) to 4600 s (max.) in 5 ms steps.

In addition, Acoem offers:

  • Perceived aircraft noise level: PNL & PNLT
  • Equivalent sliding noise level*
  • Sliding statistical level*
  • Noise exposure level*.

* Mainly used for the detection of noisy phases on construction sites.

Discover Cadence platform

Cadence is designed to offer the user the best tool to monitor noise and manage fleet of devices with the best performance of security and responsiveness. By handling that part of the job, users can now focus on their core business without worrying about the quality of data. Cadence is designed with the possibility to be integrated into other interface, other tools, with API technology this Second version of Cadence is a new step to use Cadence as your application enabler. Ask your local Acoem sales representative or agent for access to a Cadence™ account to get started.

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CUBE Smart Noise Monitoring Terminal

With CUBE, Acoem has extended its range of noise monitoring solutions.

Designed to suit all types of applications, CUBE is the most versatile terminal on the market: mobile in a case, fixed in a cabinet, compatible with our WebMonitoring solution and suitable for easy integration with your applications.

CUBE brings together the most innovative functions and is aimed at simplifying operations on every monitoring project. You can concentrate on data analysis while CUBE takes care of everything else.

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