Construction sector

Optimise your site’s environmental compliance & risk mitigation strategies

The construction sector is largely regulated around the world to minimise potential harm to the environment and ensure the safety and wellbeing of workers and affected communities.

Standards exist at local, national and international levels to cover activities associated with land development; site preparation; residential and non-residential construction; building structure services; installation services; and heavy and civil engineering.

Committed to helping your construction business continuously improve ways of working

Twenty-first century construction sites rely on a greater level of automation than ever. To operate in the safest and most efficient way possible, you need access to precise real-time data to provide you with clear insight into the status of your entire site at all times. You can’t afford a regulation breach, a safety incident shutdown or potential civil/criminal penalties to impact your project. Build your knowledge and capabilities with Acoem construction monitoring solutions and make informed decisions based on accurate data supported by Artificial Intelligence and our four decades of superior technical expertise. We successfully monitor noise, vibration and dust levels on construction sites around the world.


Our construction monitoring solutions are designed to:

  • Meet current and future industry needs
  • Be integral to the construction process
  • Set new standards in productivity & sustainability
  • Provide intelligent data to change behaviour
  • Help construction companies & public authorities communicate with


  • Protect businesses, property, workers & individuals.

Common construction site hazards 

air contaminants 
chemical spills 
erosion & sediment 
storm & wastewater contamination

Going beyond compliance

While most jurisdictions have legally enforceable regulations when it comes to controlling environmental monitoring parameters, ultimately the responsibility falls to construction companies to ensure that limits are not being exceeded and nearby populations and properties are not being unduly impacted. 

Even if you are not legally required to monitor environmental factors, the data you collect has a far greater value than compliance alone. Our integrated monitoring solutions make it easy to view and analyse all data via an intuitively designed interface on any enabled device – on site, back at head office or on the road. Automatic alarms triggered by anomalies provide timely information needed to maintain safety, boost productivity and avoid potential shutdowns. 

Acoem continuous or project-based real-time site monitoring:

  • Gives you the knowledge & insight to make informed decisions
  • Is a powerful safety & risk mitigation tool 
  • Allows you to constantly assess your work schedule, implement changes to work practices & improve conditions to minimise breaches
  • Provides a public facing website or electronic billboard
  • Opens up important lines of communication with neighbours & stakeholders
  • Helps you engage, maintain transparency, stay accountable & build trust with the surrounding community.

You wouldn’t visit a construction site without a safety helmet, safety boots and a high-visibility vest, so why take unnecessary risks when it comes to excessive or negligent noise, vibration or dust?

Vibration created by construction equipment can cause structural damage (cracks, movement, collapse) or damage to sensitive equipment like medical devices, scientific instruments and computer servers. 

Noise and dust can significantly affect people’s enjoyment of public and private spaces, as well as their health.

Whether it is a road tunnelling project, construction of a new high rise office tower, refurbishment of a historic building or work on a sensitive site like a museum, embassy or server data centre… managing noise, vibration and dust is critical to protecting construction workers and the surrounding community.

If you’re not using Acoem monitoring solutions, your neighbours might be

Luxury hotels, cultural institutions, historic sites and residential buildings neighbouring major construction sites regularly implement Acoem construction site monitoring systems to ensure that noise, vibration and/or dust caused by nearby construction does not exceed reasonable standards nor adversely affect their property, patrons and commercial interests.

Monitoring it is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to safeguard your construction site against possible litigation. Compared to the total budget of any major construction project, the cost of accurately monitoring environmental parameters is typically miniscule. If risk mitigation is your key priority, it makes financial and non-financial sense to invest in accurate construction site noise, vibration and dust monitoring.

Safeguard your construction project with Cadence™ monitoring platform

All our solutions are created with the user in mind. Cadence™ is the glue that binds all our solutions, a user-friendly and highly secure Cloud-based software platform and ecosystem that ensures synergy and inter-connectability between products and management tools throughout the Acoem range of noise & vibration monitors and tailored dust monitoring solutions.

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How our solutions benefit your construction business
& help local communities, businesses & authorities?

How our solutions benefit your construction business

  • Enhance your reputation for best practice
  • Continuously improve ways of working
  • Provide intelligent data to change behaviour
  • Improve occupational health & safety
  • Protect you against litigation & work interruptions
  • Build positive relationships with local communities.

How our solutions help local communities, businesses & authorities

  • Protect from excessive noise/vibration/dust
  • Limit disruption to lifestyle
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Access real-time accurate data
  • Set the benchmark for better outcomes.

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