Artificial Intelligence as a service

Harnessing the power of machine learning to enhance your user experience

Acoem has a long-established relationship with signal processing that pre-dates the emergence of new neural networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We began introducing AI progressively in the early 2000s. Delivering AI into our network of solutions isn’t about creating a stand-alone ‘black box’ product. We integrate the technology and its myriad of capabilities and core competencies into our existing instruments and solutions to continually improve the user experience by reducing the time spent on basic, manual calculations and simplifying processes.

Leveraging AI to simplify your monitoring operations

At its core, AI is an extension of human knowledge, using the power of applied mathematics, algorithms and edge computing to mimic human-like behaviour, replicating it automatically through a machine or system. AI is only as powerful as the quality of the data that has been used to create it. As a company that has always placed the highest value on the collection and analysis of accurate data, there is no limit to the potential of our AI integration. We are not an AI startup. We are a dedicated solution provider with extensive field expertise in our own domain, leveraging the technology of AI to provide optimal service to our customers around the world every day. To us, AI is a complementary value-add service that enhances the way our solutions perform, simplifies operations and helps our customers make data-driven informed decisions about their machinery, their monitoring and the impact their processes may be having on the planet, their business, their time and their bottom line.

Augmenting the human experience to expand our service offering

As a powerful tool, AI serves to reinforce and validate the data we have gathered from experts in the field over many decades, from our existing bank of statistics and information synthesised from our Innovation team’s advanced applied mathematics knowledge. We have a huge amount of data in our databases that has been exploited and verified by analysts over time, making it a qualified and highly accurate basis for our structured AI engine 

The hybridisation or blend of applicative skills with AI gives our operational platforms, like Accurex™ the widest possible scope to automatically diagnose machinery faults and anomalies before they occur using cutting edge predictive maintenance techniques. Accurex™ functionality empowered to be we were the first company to release a solution for fully automatic vibration diagnostics.

With Acoustic Threat Detection, we built on the AI capability that we pioneered using out advanced signal processing skills to develop a failsafe solution for detecting gunshots via acoustic signature recognition for the military. By adapting it for civilian security purposes, we retained that same high level of precision and commitment to service excellence without compromise. 

Delivering on the service promise

For our systems to operate at their optimised level and provide return on your investment, we carefully balance human interaction with automation. The key to our service success is the personalisation of our solutions — not just promising but delivering a true benefit to our customers through a combination of AI-driven technology and expert technicians to assist you with implementation, ongoing operation and trouble shooting. The AI component of our solutions has been developed to save analysts approximately 70% of their time as opposed to calculating diagnostics manually. Being able to take advantage of continuous feedback from our users gives us entry into the world of cognitive systems – with processes that are fully dynamic and always learning to provide continuous improvement and enhancements to software. 

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