dBLexd software

Noise exposure analysis

The dBLEXD software allows for the processing and analysis of occupational noise exposure measurement data on workers. Associated with the WEB nose dosimeter, it allows meeting the requirements of Directive 2003/10/EC and Standard ISO9612(2009) in an optimum way. Relying on a database, the dBLEXD software manages measurements, tasks and functions leading to Homogeneous Exposure Groups (HEG).

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Although the use of the dBLEXD software is optimum with the WEB dosimeter, it remains compatible with the different generations of noise dosimeters by Acoem (SIE95 and CLS95). Furthermore, it can also process the data of all sound level meters (SIP, etc.). The user can also manually input information to do exposure simulations or to retrieve data from non compatible instruments.

Standard ISO9612

The dBLEXD software allows complying with Standard ISO9612(2009). The complexity of the standard is overcome by the intuitive and simple use of the dBLEXD software. From management to measurement to report editing, the user is guided, step by step, for an optimum analysis.

Personal protective equipment

Finding the personal protective equipment (PPE) suited to the worker’s situation can be complicated. The dBLEXD software makes this search easier by simulating the PPE wearing according to Standard NF EN ISO 4869-2 (SNT method, HML) and to the NRR method. This feature can also be used to simulate the acoustic treatment of a workshop or a machine.

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