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CadnaA is the leading software for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise. Whether your objective is to study the noise immission of an industrial plant, of a mart, of a new road or railway scheme, or an airport, or even of entire towns and urbanized areas.


Intuitive Handling
Focus your time on the project and not on the software. All input and analysis features are easy and intuitiveto handle.
Enhanced Productivity
Change your view from 2D to 3D within a second. Multiply the modeling speed by using various shortcuts and automation techniques.
Advanced Analysis
Execute predefined or customized analysis of all data contained in the model: building evaluation, hot spot detection, conflict map, etc.
Noise Mapping
Accelerate your calculation time with distributed calculation and multithreading

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CadnaA Aircraft noise

Introduction to the CadnaA option FLG (Aircraft Noise), now with INM implementation (Integrated Noise Model).

3D view

CadnaA offers extremely powerful and extensive functions for 3D visualization. With just one mouse click, any graphical view of the project can be generated. Dynamic 3D allows to drive or even fly through your project model in real time, e.g. through a city or a large industrial plant whose buildings can be displayed very realistically thanks to textures. It is possible to stop at any time, look around and – using the mouse and arrow keys – continue in any direction. A video in AVI format can be created from each tour of the project model. An error within a 3D model (wrong height of a building), CadnaA allows to click directly on an object in the 3D view. The result can be viewed immediately on the screen. This allows for convenient review and modification of the model.

Large projects

CadnaA allows editing projects of any size. The number of objects (sources, buildings, contour lines, receiver points, etc.) is practically unlimited by the software. A large refinery with thousands of sources can be evaluated just as easily as cities or whole regions with numerous buildings and complex ground model. All project data is stored very comfortably in one file, which also contains all project variants. This also allows a very easy management of the different scenarios.

The only limitation for large projects is the hardware memory. To break through this, CadnaA offers powerful features (PCSP technology for distributed computation) and extensions (option CALC: Networked Distributed Computation). In fact, with CadnaA you can handle projects of any size.

Object handling

CadnaA offers very powerful functions for manipulating and displaying objects. Most actions require only one or a few mouse clicks. Some effective functions are for example:

  • Copying graphics or tables via the clipboard
  • Automatic labeling of objects
  • Coloring of objects based on parameters
  • Addressing actions to a group of objects
  • Changing object attributes with string operations
  • Direct access to objects and their data

Grid arithmetic

With CadnaA noise maps can be combined according to an extremely flexible strategy. The command “raster arithmetic” evaluates any user-defined expression with complete noise maps as operands and generates a new map. For example, a road noise map r1 and a railroad noise map r2 with the formula r1++r2 results in a new map in which the noise levels of road and railroad are energetically added.


CadnaA already offers numerous powerful functions. But with the following extensions you can extend the functionality even further to make your work more efficient or to open up new application areas.

New aircraft noise standards

Two new standards for aircraft noise calculations are now implemented in CadnaA:

  • INM 7.0d (Integrated Noise Model)
  • ECAC Doc. 29, 3rd edition

These new features make CadnaA the most comprehensive solution available on the market for noise prediction software for aircraft noise assessment.

CadnaA Software at a glance

The easy-to-use software solution for calculating and evaluating, predicting and displaying noise pollution and air pollution levels.

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