NESTi 4.0 WebPortal

WebPortal: Next level predictive maintenance

The best just got better

Introducing WebPortal – the newest module in the Acoem Nesti4.0 software platform and your gateway to total machine maintenance management.

Featuring advanced functionality and greater accessibility to your critical assets’ health status, WebPortal is a game changer for the way you connect with and leverage your monitoring data.

WebPortal offers universal supervision over all your monitored rotating assets and every Acoem instrument – the EAGLE, FALCON, MV-x and RT-300 vibration and alignment apps.

So much more than a predictive maintenance dashboard, WebPortal is a fully web-based solution that adapts to your network’s requirements and each user’s needs, providing a customised and holistic overview of your machines operations.


Full Web
Our fully web-based responsive solution is available on any device including smartphones & tablets. No PC software needed
Machine Criticality
Through the WebPortal, focus on high risk machines to make informed decisions sooner and avoid potential disruptions to operations
Profile Management
Different levels of information and technicality adapted to the individual user profile - from senior management and production to reliability engineers and data analysts
Live Trending & Alert
Access to live trending data as well as alarm management to improve your maintenance reactivity and speed up your decision making process
All in one
All your rotating assets into a single supervision interface displaying data coming from portable, wireless, and real time monitoring system
100% secured with the https (ultra-secure version of http) encrypted communication and identification process (user password)

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Unlimited access to your data

Anyone, anywhere, anytime

Developed with compatibility, flexibility & easy accessibility in mind

Access WebPortal from any fixed or mobile device, with responsive display optimised for phones and tablets. All data can be stored either on site or in the cloud – the choice is yours.

With no software to install, connect with to your WebPortal via a dedicated website. Individual URLs means you no longer need to log into a separate platform to receive your real-time or historical data.

No IT development is required to easily connect with your existing ecosystem – such as CMMS or ERP. Instantly link your machine’s diagnostic history through NESTi4.0 by sharing a pinpointed WebPortal asset’s page as a simple URL.

Choose the level of information you need

The right information seen by the right people at the right time

Customise your WebPortal to only receive the information you want or need with tailored user profiles.

Information displayed and levels of technical detail are adapted according to individual user profiles – from senior management and production to reliability engineers and data analysts.

Live alarms and alerts may go to your reliability team, while your COO may only want to see historical analysis, reports about the entire fleet of machinery or the status of all assets in a particular geographical region. The decision is yours.

Gain 24/7 access to live trending data, improve maintenance reactivity and speed up decision making with live alarm management from real-time condition monitoring systems. Accurex AI-driven analysis and reports are only a single click away.

An innovative replication tool gives you total oversight of every location in your network. Even if each local site has its own independent database, it can be replicated onto a centralised server on your WebPortal for a holistic overview of the health of your machine operations.

Driving reliability across your entire organisation

Criticality based decision making at your fingertips

Ranking and filtering your machinery by criticality level will help you assess priority and urgency of action. Schedule maintenance projects based on the criticality, complexity and accessibility of each asset.

At a corporate level, your WebPortal will only display actionable data, not just basic alarms and trends – essential information that will guide immediate decision making. A multisite view accessible 24 x 7 makes it an ideal solution for centralised management to steer reliability improvements on a global scale.

Criticality information available through your WebPortal allows you to focus on those machines that are imperative to your processes (high risk) and make informed decisions sooner to avoid potential disruptions to operations.

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