Improving Reliability and Performance for critical application

Customer: Confidential

Country: India

Application: Mining

The Challenge

Raw material handling equipments are under constant increasing pressure from high production hours and challenging work conditions. Improper shaft alignment is one of the main causes of machinery breakdowns and significant decrease in machine performance. One such challenge came from our customer who is the leading machine operator in a major coal mine in eastern India. They were facing a major production downtime due to shaft misalignment in one of the Heavy mining shovel machine and needed onsite support. Resuming production at the earliest was critical to them.

The site was remotely located in interior parts of India and one of India’s largest open pit mine. The machine required identification and precise alignment. The project presented a multitude of challenges in terms of execution, being a remote location it was not very well networked even mobile connectivity was an issue.

The Solution

The complex nature of this project and the ticking timeline, gave us a unique opportunity to showcase our immense capabilities. In fact the expert Acoem team was an ideal choice for this project because of its successful experience of similar past projects.

Acoem NXA Pro equipped with TrueLive, GuideU and Vertizontal features enabled our client to achieve complete alignment within tolerance in a very short time, thereby minimizing their production loss. Instant built in reports from Acoem NXA Pro were helpful for timely clearance of this critical machine and to immediately resume production.

The Outcome

The Acoem team was able to complete the project well before the deadline and as per client expectations. In turn, the client was able to get the machine running on time.

In many respects, the attributes of this new generation shaft alignment system and its versatility represent Acoem’s solutions-driven approach to business. We’ve built a reputation for delivering high-performance, flexible and value-based technical equipment solutions that don’t just suit our customers’ immediate needs but which are tailor-made to adapt to meet future circumstances.

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