A “Typical – Atypical” Alignment

A colleague and client of ours called, in a bit of a quandary.
“Ever seen anything like this?” he asked. I had to answer “No, I have not”.

This is a C-face motor.

It is typically mounted to a C-face flange, which connects to a vertically oriented pump. But in this case, the C-face motor is mounted to a steel plate, and the pump is a vertically oriented “horizontal” split case pump.

The customer inspected the machine, including an alignment check. Their findings?

  • The coupling insert was shredded and replaced.
  • The shafts were out of alignment by approximately ⅛”
  • The pump bearings were bad and had been replaced recently.

Correct the misalignment

There was not enough clearance in the motor hold down bolt holes to correct the misalignment. Both the suction and discharge flanges of the pump were opened, and there were flex joints on both the suction and discharge sides. This allowed both the motor and pump to be moved.

And now you know as much about it as I do.

So, this blog comes with two questions:

  1. How would you perform this alignment?
  2. Do you see any other potential issues with this design?

I’m very interested in your thoughts.

by Stan Riddle | | October 7, 2020
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