The Level – a digital two axis high precision machinists’ level

The Level is a high precision two axis digital machinist level. The primary application is base leveling.

The Level offers the following advantages:

  • Two axis live measurement
  • Calibrated to earth level out of the box
  • No line of sight required
  • Immediate feedback with live values
  • Documentation of results
  • Simple to qualify to other fixtures

Here is an example measurement along the length of an alignment demonstrator:

Place the Level on the base. Note the alpha and beta direction. In our example alpha is along the base length. Turn on the Level and it will connect to the NXA via Bluetooth. A solid blue light indicates it is connected.

Select the Level icon from NXA main screen (bottom row, 2nd icon from the left – the sensor icon with the two crossed lines).

Level in the alpha and beta direction is displayed.

The alpha direction (along the base length) indicates 8.3/1000. 8.3/1000 = 8.3 mils/inch.

8.3/1000 = .0083/1 = 8.3 mils/1 inch

If you want mils/foot multiply by 12. (8.3 x 12 = 99.6 mils/foot)

Calculate the correction needed in the alpha direction. This base is 24 inches long, so the correction is to add 200 mils of shim. (8.3 mils/inch x 24 inches = 199.2 mils) In this example, the shims are added to the left since that is the low side.

If the base is large you can take the NXA over to your correction points and watch the numbers update as you make the corrections. No need to be looking at the bubble on a level.

Updated real time display after the shims were added. The base has been leveled to .3 mils/inch (3.6 mils/foot) along its length in the alpha direction. We would also correct the base in the beta direction.

Level: How it Works

by Mike Keohane | | August 31, 2020
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