How To Make The CNC Machine Measuring Process More Efficient

What is your facility’s standard method for taking measurements of your CNC machines? What tools do you utilize to complete these measurements? In order for your machine shop or plant to run efficiency, it is important to take regular measurements of your machines.

These measurements include:

  • Levelness
  • Squareness
  • Spindle alignment
  • Coaxility
  • Spindle parallelism

Taking all these measurements, as well as correcting machines that are out of alignment or are not level, for example, requires a significant amount of time, and we know that this is time that many teams do not have to allocate for drawn-out diagnostic and corrective measures.

Stick with us–there are viable solutions!

A typical machine shop or CNC machine facility likely uses tools such as:

  • Ground bars
  • Granite plates
  • Indicators

While these tools are tried and tested methods and will certainly get the job done, they have their downsides, which include:

They are bulky and can be difficult to carry to job sites or even around your own facility.
They need to be certified and inventoried regularly.
They can limit measurements due to the size of the ground bar, etc.
They are not intuitive and it takes a significant chunk of time to utilize them.

Check out our line of tools

If you are looking for a better solution which utilizes modern technology, we invite you to check out our line of tools. These tools offer faster, more efficient ways to take measurements such as alignment and coaliality.

A few benefits of our laser measuring tools include:

  • Wireless capabilities (Bluetooth)
  • Sensors that require very little time to reach operating temperature for accurate measurements
  • Ability to take measurements in tight or previously unsafe spaces (even while machines are running)
  • Easy to transport and protected against damage

All these things will add up to make taking alignment or other measurements less time-consuming and more streamlined.

by Bertrand Wascat | | September 20, 2019
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