Air Samplers for Environmental Monitoring

The past few years have reflected the importance of human health and its synergistic relationship with our environment. While we have made giant technological advancements across sectors, it’s equally important to transform our economies and societies to enable a greener, healthier and cleaner environment. Abillity to breathe clean, unpolluted air is a basic human right — which we often take for granted. Yet for so many people around the world, it is a privilege and one that is constantly under threat as a result of natural and man-made pollution. Accurate and vigilant air quality monitoring is critical to ensuring the health and quality of life of populations and the very survival of our planet.

At Acoem, we create environments of possibility — helping organisations find the right balance between progress and preservation — safeguarding businesses and assets, and maximising opportunities while conserving the planet’s resources.

The Acoem range of air samplers are the class-leading, turn-key solution for your environmental monitoring

Air samplers are an important tool in ensuring compliance and an effective environmental monitoring program. Our range of Air Samplers  helps customers measure particulate matter for a variety of reasons including regulatory purposes, to activate dust suppression measures, to monitor fugitive emissions on the fenceline, for research, to measure impact on sensitive receptors or background monitoring to name a few reasons. 

They are also equipped to varying measurement requirements like real time monitoring, compliance monitoring, remote data acquisition, solar powered solutions in remote areas, sample collection for subsequent analysis or very low detection limits. Whatever your particulate monitoring or sampling requirement, we have a proven solution.


HiVol 3000

High Volume Air Sampler

Increased urbanisation has accelerated the concentration of Particulate Matter (PM) in the environment, leading to adverse health effects for populations. 

The HiVol 3000 particulate sampler performs remote unattended sampling of PM2.5, PM10 or TSP along with basic meteorological parameters.

The HiVol 3000 incorporates advanced programming functions and electronic volumetric flow control to maintain a consistent flow and collect a truly representative sample of particulate matter.
Optional attachments allow the sampler to measure wind speed and direction which can then be used to trigger sector selectable sampling (e.g. fence-line monitoring).

Download Datasheet


Advanced flow control system which gives true volumetric flow control using temperature and pressure sensors and mass flow rate sensor.

Wind direction and speed used to activate / de-activate sampler.

Low power consumption, long life blower motor with low noise operation.

RS232 output for data collection and remote communication.
Simple programming of sampling periods, including daily and weekly programs, with in-built ‘1-in-X day’ sampling capability.

Internal data logger stores time-based data averages at user selectable intervals.

Housed in a weatherproof enclosure for outdoor sampling in a range of environments.

Particulate Sampler E-FRM Reference

USEPA Designated PM2.5 FRM Particulate Sampler

Acoem presents Met One Instruments’ E-FRM is a single channel particulate sampler approved as a US-EPA reference method for PM2.5, PM10, PM10-2.5. Configured with an alternate PM2.5 cyclone, the E-FRM may also be operated as a US-EPA designated equivalent method for PM2.5. For ease of shipping, the E-FRM is nested in a compact package.

When installed, the package expands to normal sampling height, with sampler on top, separate pump box below within the work frame. The E-FRM sampler is designed for easy setup and deployment. This allows it to be used for either permanent long-term sampling at a fixed site, or as an audit sampler with frequent relocation.

  • Designed and tested to meet all current EPA PM2.5 Federal Reference Method specifications.
  • Accommodates one EPA PM2.5 reference method 47mm sample filter cassette.
  • Compatible with the VSCC (Very Sharp Cut Cyclone) cyclone or the classic WINS Impactor for PM2.5 sampling.
  • Manufactured and supported in the United States at our ISO-9001 certified facilities.

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MicroVol 1100

Low volume air sampler

The MicroVol 1100 low volume air sampler provides a flexible sampling platform for PM10, PM2.5 or TSP particulates and basic meteorological parameters.

The MicroVol 1100 is designed for monitoring both indoor air quality as well as outdoor. The MicroVol 1100 is a low power, low noise instrument that can sample particulates in residential or workplaces whilst using minimal power and causing minimal distraction.

The MicroVol 1100 uses active volumetric flow control that maintains a constant flow rate (3LPM), ensuring accurate measurement of particulates no matter the particulate loading.

Download Datasheet

Micro Vol 1100 Features

Low power consumption

Ideal for indoor air quality studies

Volumetric flow control automatically corrected to standard reference temperature

Long life DC pump delivers flow rates of 1.0 to 4.5 L/min.

Wind direction and speed used to activate/de-activate sampler External trigger (0 – 5 VDC) can be used for activating sampling program

Fence line monitoring available with a network of samplers

Lightweight, rugged weatherproof construction

Can operate via battery or solar powered sources (optional).

RS232 output for data collection and remote communication

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by Harsh Dixit | | October 28, 2022
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