Acoem MV-x taking real-time vibration analysis to a new level

Acoem has cemented its position as a global leader in empowering its customers to adopt the best practices of Industry 4.0 by further expanding its reliability ecosystem.

Acoem’s special MV-x ‘Black Edition’ real-time vibration monitoring system is now fully integrated with the Nest i4.0 software and analysis platform to improve user experiences and make automatic diagnostics of rotating machinery even simpler and more precise. As a real-time, multi-channel data collector and analyser, MV-x is an invaluable tool for condition monitoring and is already the solution of choice for industrial applications around the world — including wind turbines, petrochemical plants, maritime transportation, logistics,
mining and automotive manufacturing. MV-x Black Edition has joined the Falcon portable analyser and the wireless Eagle monitor to provide full connectivity with our Nest i4.0 software operating platform, giving vibration analysts and condition monitoring users, not just technical experts, a seamless industry 4.0 experience.

Connected to Nest i4.0, MV-x users can benefit from the platform’s intuitive Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence

Connected to Nest i4.0, MV-x users can benefit from the platform’s intuitive Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven automatic diagnostics matrix for heightened real-time predictive maintenance. It can identify, isolate and pinpoint machine faults individually or across an entire network to give maintenance teams complete oversight of a plant or factory from a single screen. The system significantly improves monitoring reliability, saves time on analysis, boosts productivity and reduces the risk associated with critical operational incidents, equipment damage or machine shutdowns.

While Accurex™ AI elevates the user to a new level of condition monitoring for common rotating assets, the MV-x takes it one step further when it comes to enhancing reliability of more complex and critical applications.

“With AI-powered automatic diagnostics via the Nest i4.0 platform, operators can be confident that the maintenance decisions they make using the MV-x system will be accurate
and will help them avoid costly delays or shutdowns,” said Guillaume Lavaure, IoT Product Manager. “For machinery that constantly changes speed, like wind turbines, stamping presses or port cranes, it is essential to understand the operating status of the network with the highest degree of precision at all times,” continued Guillaume.
“Users need to be able to adapt and compare repeatable measurements over time according to the operating status to capture relevant monitoring data. This is exactly what the MV-x Black Edition provides” he added.

Real-time monitoring and data analysis

Acoem is acutely aware of the importance of keeping production or operational data secure. With the global rise in cyberattacks and infiltration of processing data, especially within sensitive industries, Acoem has added passwords and encrypted certificates to MV-x and enhanced the way the system communicates with the software. Now communication remains an IoT initiative to keep all data more secure and protect it from possible access by external parties.

“The enhancements Acoem has made to the Nest i4.0 platform are part of the company’s commitment to continually improve its product offering and user experience,” commented Pascal Thissier, Software Platform Product Manager. “Acoem cyber security is trusted by MV-x customers including the nuclear sector and the French Navy so the technology it puts in place to protect data must be military grade and impenetrable,” he added.

MV-x’s flexibility allows customers to conduct their own real-time monitoring and data analysis; be trained by Acoem expert technicians to perform in-house analysis; have Acoem technical field engineers perform the monitoring in person or remotely; or they can access more detailed or specific remote analysis information with an Acoem Advisor service contract.

Discover Acoem MV-x black edition

Acoem brings to you MV-x Black edition ,the next generation of AI-enabled vibrational analysis, with real-time edge computing, provides a pathbreaking predictive tool to pinpoint the source, direction, and intensity of the vibration.

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