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How simply mounting the Circular plate ?

Easy mounting with Circular plate

Circular Mounting Plate

Used for the installation of SR or SM sensor in spindles without chucks, or directly on the spindle nose. Can also be used with a hydraulic clamping chuck from the indexing fixture. Comes with magnets and extension rods (L=40 mm, L=80 mm)

Magnetic stand

The magnetic stand is used when the SM sensor can not be mounted in a machine spindle, tool mount or with any of the accompanying magnetic feet. The measuring stand has a flexible 3-conductor arm that can be locked sequentially with a lock handle. The SM-sensor with shaft extension is mounted in the stand using a clamp bracket that allows you to adjust the rotational angle of the sensor, for example, parallel to the machine bed.

Pointing fixture

Used for measuring squareness in vertical and horizontal mills and multi-operation machines. The fixture can be attached directly to the machine table, where the pointing direction can be set vertically or horizontally. Alternatively, the fixture can be mounted in the machine spindle depending on the machine configuration that applies to the measurement. The SR-sensor with angular prism is mounted in the fixture and the direction of the laser can be adjusted parallel to one of the machine movements with the aid of the built -in micrometer screws. The rotation angle of the SR sensor is then calibrated to ensure that the angled laser beam is aligned with the other machine axis.

Indexing fixture

This fixture is used to measure parallelism between a rotating spindle and its own movement when the spindle is mounted on a machine axis. The fixture can be mounted in a variety of ways to be able to measure in machine with vertical/ horizontal movements.The fixture consists of a hydraulic clamping chuck with four indexing positions, an attachment to the SM sensor and the mounting plate for fitting to the machine table.

The hydraulic chuck can also be mounted on the circular mounting plate or a shaft extension with diam. 20 and 16 mm.

SQ201 – Angle prism

When measuring squareness, use the SQ201 angle prism that is fitted to the SR sensor and angles the output laser beam at 90° with an accuracy within 0.005 mm/m. The angle prism has a built-in mechanical device that allows you to alter the direction of the laser beam at any time during the measurement process with a simple manual operation. As the SQ210 has small installation dimensions, this means that it can be installed in machines where there are short distances and where you want to maximize the distances between the measurement points. Its light weight minimizes the risk of sag.

The future of machine measurement

Sketch solutions for machine tool measurements that, in our opinion, are so self-evident that they should have been developed a long time ago. By performing fast measurements, possessing a logical user interface, smart applications and fewer complicated functions, we can now build a future for machine tool measurement.

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