Shaft alignment in the wind power Industry

The ECO GE is custom-made with firmware and fixtures designed specifically for GE 1.5x and 2.5x. These precisely designed fixtures make generator-to-gearbox alignment easy inside any nacelle – safeguarding reliability and optimizing the energy efficiency of the wind turbine.


Soft Check™
Softcheck™ checks if there is a soft foot condition, i.e. when the motor is not resting firmly on all its feet
Machine Defined Data
A set of machine configuration templates for storing data for individual machines

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How works the ECO GE ?

In this video we will perform an alignment on a GE wind turbine generator. The Eco and specialized fixtures for mounting the sensors makes the alignment process a breeze.

Shaft alignment tools offer the wind power industry :

  • Wireless laser heads on magnetic mounts
  • Industry-leading precision
  • Solutions for both rotating and non-rotating shafts

What’s Included

  • ECO Display Unit with 4” Color LCD Screen
  • Custom-made fixtures for GE turbines
  • Moveable machine transmitter/detector with 20 mm CCD sensor
  • Stationary machine transmitter/detector with 20 mm CCD sensor
  • Rod tools (2)
  • Tape measure (5m)
  • USB Cable A-micro B (.5m)
  • USB Cable A-micro B (1.5m)
  • Power Cable US (2m)
  • Carrying case – IP-65, high impact ABS
  • Manuals – ECO (printed and CD)
  • Lifetime warranty standard

Horizontal Machines

The NXA Ultimate is perfect for measuring horizontal alignment conditions but its real power is in helping correct misalignment. The dual sensors allow the NXA to maintain the true position of the shafts, even as unintended movements are experienced during the alignment process. The benefit of this “true positon sensing” is that it allows the user to complete the alignment using the Verti-Zontal™ compound move, adjusting in both the vertical and horizontal planes without remeasuring between moves. A Verti-Zontal™ alignment is a great time saver since alignments can be completed in just one or two tries. The NXA Ultimate also comes with a number of utility programs to make the alignment process easier. These include Softcheck™ to control for soft foot conditions, FeetLock™ to deal with base and bolt bound situations, HotCheck™ to calculate the difference between measurements taken in a cold state versus a hot condition, and Target Values, which automatically adjusts the readings to compensate for pre-determined alignment targets based on thermal growth or dynamic movement data.

Make generator-to-gearbox alignment inside any nacelle easy !

Acoem shaft alignment instruments are custom made with firmware features that ensure high measurement accuracy and with mounting hardware that is ideally suited for optimal alignment of the gearbox and generator shafts in wind turbines. No matter the manufacturer, coupling or turbine type, Acoem’s shaft alignment instruments make generator-to-gearbox alignment inside any nacelle easy. This safeguards reliability and optimizes the energy efficiency of the wind turbine.

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