Acoem Air Sampling System

Model includes parts ECO-1010, ECO-1011, ECO-1025 and 8307

The Acoem Air Sampling System is designed to meet international standards (including US EPA quality assurance standards) for the continuous sampling of ambient air. Its robust design is suitable for most ambient air gas sampling applications. All surfaces in contact with the sample air are made from glass or Teflon, including a Teflon rain cap which prevents rain from entering the shelter. The system is available in various options:

  • 230/240V or 100-120V
  • 6 or 8 port versions
  • Pump instead of blower
  • Pipe to exhaust out of shelter.


Robust design
Suitable for most ambient air gas sampling applications.
Optimum sampling
System extends from above the roof of an ambient air monitoring shelter.
Ease of use
Can be easily removed for transportation and capped to prevent rain entering the shelter.
High-grade fabrication
All surfaces in contact with sample air are constructed of glass with a Teflon rain cap.
Sample manifold in heated or unheated configurations
Heated manifold operates just above ambient temperature to prevent sample condensation. Both heated and unheated inlets are equipped with a blower for minimal sample residence time.
Accuracy of sampling
Sample loss and interferences are minimised.

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Superior air quality monitoring for global environments

Air quality monitoring is increasingly important in today’s urban, industrial and rural areas. The Serinus® range of analysers has emerged through 40+ years of experience and knowledge gained from operating large air quality monitoring networks. The result is a superior portfolio of instruments that integrate seamlessly into continuous monitoring networks. They not only measure human exposure to pollutants but can be combined with trace/background monitoring as well as stack monitoring – thus becoming a vital tool for governments and organisations to track and abate air pollution and its effects on their immediate environment.

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