What do an acoustic consultant, a noise monitoring expert and an air quality scientist have in common?

20 November 2017

One of the world’s largest and most respected acoustic consulting firms, Marshall Day Acoustics, joins Acoem Australasia to exhibit together for the first time at Acoustics 2017.

Acoustics 2017 is the premier acoustics conference and exhibition in Australasia hosted by the Australian Acoustical Society. Being held in Perth, Western Australia from 20-22 November, Acoustics 2017 is a ‘must attend’ event for acoustic and noise monitoring professionals, government authorities and research agencies. It brings together key manufacturers and suppliers of acoustic and sound-related equipment to display the latest developments in noise and vibration control, monitoring products, acoustic instrumentation and software.

Acoem Australasia will be joined at Acoustics 2017 by Marshall Day Acoustics showcasing their technical expertise and endorsement of Acoem noise and vibration monitoring instruments on show:

FUSION– Smart sound & vibration analyser
CUBE – Smart noise monitoring terminal
DUO – Smart noise monitor
ORION – Smart vibration monitoring terminal
NOISE INSPECTOR – Acoustic camera.

Combining the expertise of three environmental monitoring market leaders

“We are excited that Acoem Australasia will be joining us at Acoustics Perth 2017,” said Acoem Asia COO Patrice Pischedda.

“Since forming the Environment division of ACOEM earlier this year, our noise and vibration and air quality teams are creating new opportunities to work together to promote our collective range of environmental monitoring products and services,” he added.

Acoem Australasia Business Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Mark Brooks recognises the obvious synergies that working closely with the noise and vibration team and Marshall Day Acoustics will deliver to customers, such as enhanced technical support and streamlined service delivery.

“This is Acoem Australasia’s first acoustics event. Realising the compatibilities that exist between noise and air quality monitoring empowers us to create new and enhance existing solutions that better serve our customers changing environmental monitoring needs,” said Mark.

Christophe Delaire, Co-CEO of Marshall Day Acoustics together with Patrice Pischedda will lead a “Noise and vibration monitoring with Acoem” workshop on 21 November.

Marshall Day Acoustics will also present two technical papers at the Acoustics 2017 conference and showcase their flagship acoustic software and hardware offerings:

IRIS– A powerful and user-friendly measurement system for capturing and analysing room impulse responses in 3D
INSUL – A quick and accurate software tool for predicting the sound insulation of walls, floors and ceilings
SOUND PLAN – An environmental software package offering a flexible range of noise and air pollution evaluation modules.

“The different but complementary noise and vibration and air quality service offerings, combined with the consulting expertise of Marshall Day Acoustics will generate opportunities for all our clients to find new value in the specialised and interconnected environmental solutions we can create together,” said Christophe.

For more information visit acoem.com and marshallday.com



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