Technical training programs tailored for Acoem distributors and customers deliver rewards for all

26 June 2017

Acoem Australasia Lead Technical Support Specialist, Morgan Thomas showing South African technicians best practice when it comes to operating and maintaining Acoem Serinus™ gas analysers.

By combining high quality tailored support in the use and maintenance of advanced environmental technology, Acoem ensures that its distributors and global customers continue to be provided with accurate and reliable data, long after procuring their first Acoem instrument.

International expert in environmental monitoring provides valuable ongoing support for global distributors

Acoem Australasia Technical Support Services (TSS) Lead Specialist, Morgan Thomas provided onsite training to Acoem South African distributor SI Analytics and its local customers in February.

TSS helps Acoem clients around the world continuously get the best out of Acoem instruments because they understand efficient equipment use and regular maintenance leads to:

  • a reduction in equipment downtime
  • decreased overheads
  • increased productivity
  • happier customers
  • improved financial and non-financial returns for all parties.The training and support provided in South Africa was focussed on maintenance and use of the Acoem Serinus™ gas analyser. Serinus gas analysers provide accurate, in-the-field data, with a range of models to monitor different types of gases.

The importance of technical support services

Acoem Australasia has been working with SI Analytics to distribute gas analysers in South Africa for over five years. Together, SI Analytics and Acoem have built relationships with clients in industry, government, and research.

As part of the week-long training event in February, SI Analytics and key customers in meteorology and the synthetic fuel industry required training on a suite of Acoem Serinus™ gas analyser products.

Morgan commented, “This isn’t the first time I’ve delivered specialist training in South Africa. SI Analytics and their local customers proactively arrange formal Acoem training sessions on a regular basis. Doing so ensures they’re constantly updating their knowledge, improving their skill set and enhancing their reputation as regional experts in their field.”

Morgan recognises training is an essential on-going part of Acoem relationship with clients. Why? Because training helps to ensure that customers have the opportunity to continuously upgrade their skills and optimise the benefit of every Acoem product they purchase.

“Training also allows me to highlight often little-known features about each Acoem instrument and the powerful functionality behind each key feature,” said Morgan. “For example, the Serinus™ range of gas analysers offers technicians flexibility of use, troubleshooting diagnostics, as well as easy set-up and operation. Highlighting features like these during a training session often leads to important everyday time saving for time-poor field technicians.”

A tailored approach to training provision

A tailored approach to training provision is the foundation of Acoem Australasia’s Technical Support Services. For example, since 2012 Morgan has been delivering training in Johannesburg for SI Analytics on behalf of the Acoem Australasia TSS team.

Morgan’s approach to training is hands-on. He works with the instruments that are used by the customer and collaborates with the customer to troubleshoot problem areas, provide training in required use, and explain best-practice maintenance procedures. Doing this helps customers respond to the requirements of each machine, while also helping customers become more self-sufficient when it comes to basic diagnostic, essential maintenance and operational needs.

“Acoem trains a wide range of technicians with different levels of knowledge and skill sets every year around the world. Because of this we have to ensure that every training session we deliver is directed at the particular needs of each customer and focuses on the specific equipment they’re using.” explained Rhys Evans, former Acoem Australasia International Senior Technical Specialist.

“Whether we’re providing training support for government agencies, mines, refineries or research teams, our goal is to equip our customers with the knowledge they need to properly operate and maintain the Acoem instruments they purchase from us themselves,” continued Rhys.

Ongoing training ensures Acoem distributors and Acoem customers alike who own and operate Acoem instruments can increase efficiency, decrease overheads, and remain at the technological forefront of environmental monitoring equipment.

“Only when instruments are properly maintained, utilised efficiently and operated with expertise will they produce valid and reliable data to a consistent standard. Acoem Australasia Training Support Services helps our customers achieve this standard,” Rhys concluded.

Contact Technical Support to learn more about Acoem Australasia technical training programs at or 1 300 990 292 (Australia only) / +61 3 9730 7800 (international).



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