Shared commitment, honesty and respect - the keys to successful international relationships at Acoem Australasia

26 July 2018

Acoem Australasia manages every business relationship with a unique blend of professionalism, strong interpersonal skills, empathy, respect and honesty. 

Acoem Australasia’s dynamic relationship with South-East Asia resulted in Patrice Pischedda, COO Acoem Asia (pictured 4th from left) and Raymond Lee, Marketing Director Acoem Environment participating in the Thai-French Smart Cities Symposium in Bangkok, 2 July 2018.

It’s a genuine belief in ‘success through connection’ that enables Acoem Gas and Aerosol Business Leader, Michael Zeng, to cultivate and maintain the strong international relationships that have led to Acoem Australasia’s global expansion, including the successful merger with French giant Acoem in 2017.

Michael joined Acoem Australasia after a successful career in the renewable energy sector, and now manages all sales and customer interaction with customers in Asia, including China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and South East Asian nations, such as Vietnam and Thailand. He supports Acoem Australasia’s existing distributor network and helps develop new distributor partnerships in other countries.

“Acoem Australasia began exporting to South East Asia, specifically Thailand, over 20 years ago. Due to our strength in nurturing relationships, many of these first customers in Thailand are still with us. It’s a real testimony to our ability to maintain long-term, loyal relationships,” Michael says.

Delivering tailored solutions for local environmental challenges

Acoem Australasia is a manufacturer that delivers more than just a product. Michael says this is a major contributor to the success of international relationships.

“In Australia, we not only manufacture our products, but we integrate them into a system, providing a one-stop-shop solution. We are able to share this knowledge and experience with our international distributors,” Michael said.

“Through our long-standing relationships, we understand environmental challenges, particularly in those countries that are rapidly industrialising and need to adapt to meet changing community needs” he added.

“Our customers appreciate the fact that we can talk frequently about any issues or urgency in project delivery. Over time we have come to know and understand each other. Effective communication is a critical ingredient in successfully maintaining these relationships.”

“We are like family”

For many distributors, Acoem Australasia has become an extended part of their family. As long-standing, generational family businesses, the strong, trusted personal connections they have forged are crucial in their day-to-day business dealings.

Bringing people together and sharing knowledge and expertise freely is something Acoem Australasia is particularly passionate about. For example, Acoem Australasia routinely hosts a worldwide distributor conference that our distribution partners travel from all over the globe to attend. The next event will be held in Lyon, France from 7-10 October.

“I find it very rewarding to develop close relationships with our distributors. Over time, many have become personal friends,” says Michael.

Break through sales opportunity in Laos

Acoem Australasia’s new business partnership in Laos is a perfect illustration of how the company benefits constantly from these unique relationships.

This new relationship marks the first time Acoem Australasia has sold into Laos – and arose due to an opportunity identified by one of Acoem Australasia’s long-term and most successful distributors in Thailand, Sithiphorn.

“As our first ever export country, Thailand is a strong and loyal supporter for us. A distributor with an office in Laos spotted the opportunity, reported back to us and with their help, we secured the sale. We were delighted that our distributor shared this connection with us,” Michael commented.

A mutual commitment to succeed

One of the key reasons for Acoem Australasia’s success in international relationships is the genuine, shared commitment to help each other succeed.

“Our customers support us in our vision to solve problems, achieve growth and work for the greater good. What Acoem Australasia brings to relationships is a deep understanding of the power of connection. We work collaboratively, across different cultures and languages and offer a full understanding of specific local needs. The longevity and quality of our international relationships has played an enormous part in Acoem Australasia’s ongoing success,” Michael added.

Across the world, through the strength of international relationships, Acoem is creating a better place to live, now and for future generations.

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