Relationship spanning decades works continuously to improve air quality in Cyprus

25 June 2019

Cyprus is the first country outside Australia to use the Acoem Congrego® datalogger

When it comes to enduring relationships between distributors and their customers, the 20+ year history between Medisell (Acoem’s exclusive distributor for aerosol and gas solutions in Cyprus) and the DLI (Cyprus’ Air Quality Competent Authority) is the perfect example. Cyprus recently became the first country in the world outside Australia to start using Congrego® – Acoem’s next generation data logger designed specifically for air quality monitoring.

Medisell was one of Acoem Australasia’s first international distributors and the relationship between the two companies has grown stronger over the decades. Medisell supplies, maintains and supports air pollution monitoring equipment that measures and analyses atmospheric parameters. Its customers include the UN, the Government of Cyprus and the University of Stuttgart for various air pollution monitoring studies and projects. It has also worked with the Ministries of Health, Labour and Agriculture and private laboratories all over Cyprus, helping to improve the region’s air quality.

Protecting Cyprus’ air quality for more than 20 years

In the 1990s Medisell began providing the DLI with its first Acoem gas analysers – the 9800 series and over the ensuing years, DLI has commissioned Acoem analysers, Acoem Airodis™ software and WINAQMS data loggers. It has also upgraded a number of monitoring stations with Acoem Serinus™ analysers.

Thanks to Medisell, DLI became the first international customer to purchase and commission the Congrego® data logger – Acoem’s next generation data control and logging hardware/software solution, specifically designed for air quality & continuous emission systems. DLI installed the first of six Congrego® loggers in December 2018. The next five units will be installed across all DLI monitoring stations in 2019.

“Medisell not only sells and maintains Acoem equipment, but as an important partner, they’re also instrumental in beta testing of new equipment,” said Liz Edwards, Acoem Australasia International Sales Executive.

“The close working relationship we share is mutually beneficial and Medisell has and continues to provide essential feedback to Acoem Australasia’s Research & Development team on Congrego® and other Acoem products,” she added.

Precision air quality monitoring instruments – the perfect solution

According to Medisell Director, Charalambos Orthodoxou, “Working with Acoem Australasia for so many years, we have come to rely on its precision instruments and software, and we know that our customers value having access to the best air quality monitoring equipment on the market.”

“Congrego® is the perfect solution for the DLI. It took us less than an hour to set up, is fast and straightforward, with a highly intuitive user-interface which we are excited about,” he commented.

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