Cyprus has embraced Congrego® as its exclusive data logger for air quality management

Cyprus’ strategic position between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East makes it an ideal location for air quality monitoring. Extensive research into variations in air quality brought about by meteorological conditions and dust/sand migration are also possible. Cyprus is doing its utmost to protect its environment by utilising the Congrego® to understand their air quality data. With the adoption of Congrego® data loggers throughout the island, air quality data is now more accessible, reliable and accurate.

In most regions, an environmental protection agency or similar would manage environmental monitoring, in Cyprus[1], the health and safety of Cyprus’ labour force, especially outdoor workers, is a priority. Therefore, air quality monitoring is managed by the Department of Labour and Inspection (DLI).

From early adoption to satisfied customers

It has now been two years since Cyprus’ DLI began using Congrego® as its data logger solution for its six (out of nine) air quality monitoring stations (AQMS) across the island. At the time, Congrego® had just been released on the market, so the DLI in Cyprus became the first organisation to place its trust in the new technology, that was specifically designed with environmental monitoring in mind.

ACOEM’s exclusive distributor of environmental monitoring equipment in Cyprus, Medisell, has been instrumental in nurturing its relationship with the DLI, as well as the University of Cyprus and the Cyprus Institute research facility, both have then installed Congrego® as their data logger of choice. As a trusted partner, Medisell’s customers depend on them to provide the right advice, service and maintenance for all their monitoring instruments.

“Cyprus was certainly an early adopter of our world-class technology,” commented Keith Webster, Business Development Manager with ACOEM’s Environment team.

“And we credit the success of Congrego® and other ACOEM equipment in Cyprus to the strong and trusted relationships that Medisell and its team sustains with all its customers. In addition, the Medisell team provides rapid response service and ongoing support that our customers in the region have come to rely on for more than 20 years,” he added.

Technology designed for environmental monitoring data

According to Medisell’s Director, Charalambos Orthodoxou, their government, academic and research customers have been particularly impressed with the way Congrego® could be integrated seamlessly into their existing air quality monitoring networks and work with a variety of compatible instruments.

“Our customers have come to expect the quality they always receive with ACOEM specialist solutions, and with Congrego®, no matter how many sensors and anaylsers they are running simultaneously, data capture and reporting processes are made simple, as is complying the environmental regulations,” he said

“They appreciate the customisable dashboard, the reduction in maintenance and service requirements as compared to their previous data loggers and the fact that they can display their data publicly for greater community transparency of environmental conditions,” he added.

Remote access removes the requirement for unnecessary site visits, saving time and reducing costs while the team at Medisell oversees ongoing data validation, preventative maintenance and calibration adjustments.

Beyond research applications

Last year, ACOEM expanded on its range of specialised data loggers and introduced the next generation Congrego® Lite which is a more compact, equally precise, but lower cost data logger.

Congrego® Lite is the ideal solution for hyper-local, accurate air quality data in smaller metrological stations, dust monitoring sites, tunnels and applications where less power usage is required.

For more information about how Congrego® or Congrego® Lite can be integrated into your monitoring project, download a copy of the Congrego brochure or contact Keith Webster on +44


[1] Image courtesy of Medical School of Nicosia (

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