First NATA-accredited noise & vibration instrument Calibration, Service & Repair Centre in Australasia opens in Melbourne

5 Apr 2019

Acoem Australasia’s new NATA-accredited Noise & Vibration instrument Calibration, Service & Repair Centre in Melbourne is a one-stop shop in Australasia.


Acoem Australasia’s noise and vibration instruments Calibration, Service & Repair Centre has just received its full NATA-certification as an ISO 17025 compliant laboratory.

Located at Acoem Australasia’s headquarters in Melbourne, the Centre opened in October 2018. It’s the first NATA-accredited Acoem (formerly 01dB) sound level meter instrument  calibration, service & repair centre in the world, outside France.

The Calibration, Service & Repair (CSR) Centre was established to meet the growing needs of Acoem noise and vibration customers in Asian and Australian markets.

Previously, all Acoem sound level meters had to be sent to France for calibration, service and repairs, which required long lead times and meant that customers had to forgo noise monitoring capabilities during that time.

Acoem’s new NATA-accredited Noise & Vibration instrument Calibration, Service & Repair Centre in Melbourne is a one-stop shop.

NATA-accreditation as an added guarantee of quality & service

“We’ve listened to our customers and together with our support team in Asia, have worked closely with Acoem Australasia to create this new hub for noise and vibration instrument calibration, service and repair in Australasia,” commented Patrice Pischedda, Acoem Asia COO and noise monitoring expert.

“With a 7-10-day turnaround, our Melbourne-based Calibration, Service & Repair Centre delivers globally recognised NATA-accredited services at competitive prices, saving Acoem customers valuable time and money.”

A one-stop shop for noise and vibration equipment servicing the Asian & Australian markets

“Another key benefit of the new Calibration, Service & Repair Centre is that it is the only laboratory that provides Acoem equipment software and firmware upgrades in Australasia, so all hardware and software repairs and services can be conducted at one time, in one location,” said (former) Acoem Australasia Customer Services Manager, Horacio Viana.  “Feedback has been extremely positive, and we’re delighted to lift the level of service Acoem customers can expect,” he added.

Working together to solve global environmental problems

The purpose-built laboratory was created to meet customer demand for ISO 17025 compliance and shorter servicing times. To ensure accuracy and precision of all processes, Naseem Turquieh, Senior Acoem Australasia Service & Calibration Technician travelled to France to undertake extensive training prior to the CSR Centre’s opening.

“The training I received in France provided an added layer of detail regarding every aspect of equipment calibration, service and repair, enhancing our in-depth knowledge of noise and vibration instruments,” said Naseem.

In its first few months of operation, even prior to NATA-accreditation, the CSR Centre serviced dozens of Acoem sound meters and equipment from domestic and international customers, including DUOCUBE and FUSION instruments from environmental monitoring consultancies in Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

For more information about the Acoem Australasia Calibration, Service & Repair Centre, or other Acoem calibration services, please contact +61 (0)3 9730 7800 or visit

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