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14 Aug 2018

Maintaining the accuracy of wind instruments through calibration is a specialist service offered by the dedicated Calibration Services team at Acoem Australasia, using a NATA accredited wind tunnel designed by CSIRO.



Acoem Australasia Wind Tunnel Calibrations Officer, Tim Sallai, performing an anemometer calibration using Acoem Australasia’s NATA accredited wind tunnel designed by CSIRO.

Did you know Acoem Australasia’s wind tunnel, located in our Melbourne head office, is the only NATA / ISO 17025 accredited facility in Australia that can calibrate all types of anemometers, including hot wire, vane, cup and ultrasonic varieties?

The wind speed capacity of the wind tunnel ranges from as low as 0.3 metres per second to 30 metres per second (108 km per hour), the former being critical for measurement of wind speeds for clean rooms, air conditioning systems and flow hoods.

The capacity to calibrate hot wire, vane, cup and ultrasonic anemometers sets Acoem Australasia apart 

At seven metres in length, this is the largest NATA accredited wind tunnel of its type in Australia, with two specific testing areas; one for high speed and one for low speed.

The capacity for both low and high-speed testing means Acoem Australasia can deliver greater range and faster turnaround of results, without compromising accuracy and precision.


Helping to keep employees and communities safe

The process of calibration is meticulous, precise and executed in Acoem Australasia’s NATA accredited facilities that comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005, as (former) Calibration Services Manager, Horacio Viana knows all too well.

Acoem Australasia customers trust the Calibration Services team to help ensure their instrumentation provides the most accurate measurements. The team takes this responsibility very seriously. Many of these measurements are critical to the health and wellbeing of customers, patrons and the general community.

NATA accreditation and customer satisfaction critical to Acoem Australasia’s success

Problem-solving and superior customer service is one of Acoem Australasia’s core deliverables, especially in Calibration Services.

“Having NATA accreditation is very important to our customers. NATA accreditation means Acoem Australasia customers can have confidence that our processes, procedures and reporting are meticulously accurate and conducted in accordance with a rigorous international standard,” said Horacio Viana.

“We are strongly committed to continuous improvement. If we see an area for improvement, we take the time to discuss this in detail. Customers appreciate our proactive approach and dedication to their success,” he added.

Acoem Australasia holds NATA accreditation numbers 14184 and 19650 for facilities located in Melbourne and Perth respectively. Acoem Australasia’s NATA accredited facilities and services comply with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 including:

  • Testing Laboratories – including ozone calibration
  • Calibration Laboratory – including temperature, RH, wind speed/wind direction and solar radiation, and
  • Blast Monitoring Services.


Experienced hands making a difference

Horacio Viana was well qualified to lead his team of specialists in Calibration Services. He had acquired over 20 years of significant international expertise in relevant fields from prior roles in Mexico and his native Colombia before joining Acoem Australasia with diverse roles in the service department, research and development team and data collection.

In his (former) role, Horacio led the Calibration Services team, “I want my team to enjoy what it does, and it’s fantastic to see this reflected on a daily basis,” he said.

Horacio says that Acoem Australasia is a dynamic organisation in a thriving industry, which has offered him many challenges and opportunities.

“I feel very strongly about the positive impact Acoem Australasia has on the world. Through our work in monitoring pollution, contamination and environmental factors, we are helping everyone live better lives.”

For more information about the NATA accredited testing and calibration services Acoem Australasia provides to customers in Australia and abroad call the Acoem Australasia Service and Calibration Centre on +61 3 9730 7800 or

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