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An integral part of Acoem’s evolution

French company OneProd was part of the original group of companies that came together and united under the Acoem brand in 2012 with stablemates FixturLaser, Metravib and 01dB. But its history as a pioneer in the capture and analysis of vibration data for predictive maintenance of critical industrial machinery extends back to the late 1980s. It has always been committed to increasing asset availability and product quality and reducing operational and maintenance costs.

OneProd was a very early adopter of leveraging emerging online technologies to connect its equipment and was the first to introduce completely wireless vibration monitoring of critical rotating assets. Embracing Artificial Intelligence and integrating it into its solutions made OneProd a true advocate of Industry 4.0 methodology for optimising of maintenance functions and greater efficiency of operations across your entire network of machinery.

From servicing the condition monitoring needs of the French nuclear sector to global predictive maintenance solutions

As a condition monitoring specialist, OneProd’s first major contract was as the condition monitoring provider for the world’s largest nuclear power company. From there, its reputation for professionalism, efficiency and ease of use grew, with systems implemented and successfully operated by hundreds of industrial facilities in Europe. Using the same rigorous standards it introduced to service the nuclear industry – including attention to quality, reliability and innovation – the company made significant investments in research and development to expand its product offering, creating a range of ground-breaking portable and online tools now using around the world.


What made OneProd solutions stand out in a market that most often relied on individual devices with no interoperability was its suite of integrated sensors, platforms and components that shared a common ecosystem. All its solutions were designed to be supported and connected by its Nest software platform, an analysis and reporting interface as well as a database for measurement data — as a cloud-based app, installed to a server, or loaded onto a computer.


The seamless way that OneProd measurement devices managed vibration data analysis and the simplicity of operation made it a respected and trusted leader in the condition monitoring field worldwide. Capitalising on the power of Acoem’s extensive research and development capabilities, OneProd continues to innovate and grow – extending its signature range of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance tools from the original four options to seven, including portable, online, offline and wireless.


Solutions to suit every need and budget!

Its OneProd’s instruments and systems allow industries to start small when it comes to diagnosing their machine’s health and expand to more sophisticated options as their requirements do. Each tool was designed to fill a specific niche or gap in an overall predictive maintenance management plan.

Its equipment and condition monitoring services include data acquisition and processing solutions via simple and effective web interfaces, enabling operational staff to focus on their key responsibilities and decision-making. The range also allows for greater flexibility.


We can provide solutions for all applications, using AI assistance to help beginners as well as providing experienced users with expert level tools.

Data can be collected, analysed it and reported on by our team of experts, or If you would prefer to manage condition monitoring in-house and self-diagnose, we supply you with the same class-leading training and equipment. The common Nesti4.0 software platform ensures that once you have used one OneProd solution, you can easily upgrade or extend your monitoring operations without having to invest in training or different processes.



The portable and lightweight all-in-one vibration monitoring tool with embedded Accurex™ AI automatic diagnostic; a 3-axis wireless sensor for simultaneous vibration measurements in all directions; built-in strobe light for rotation speed measurement; built in laser pyrometer for bearing temperature measurement; built in camera for easy machine identification, sensor positioning and report illustration; and 4 analogue channels for synchronous measurement, in addition to the trigger input.

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A smart, wireless and automatic remote diagnostic solution, it eliminates the need for cables and manual inspections. Both the sensors and expanders are certified for use in explosive area Zone 0 and are resistant to corrosive environments. Captured data is processed using a dynamic range of AI-powered analysis and post-processing tools through the NEST i4.0 platform. It provides a more accurate assessment of the health of your critical assets and prevents unexpected failures between monthly portable measurements.

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Bearing Defender app

An app that maximises bearing life and optimises machine performance. Fast and simple to use, it gives you a first level of bearing health assessment and can be easily operated without technical expertise. Suitable for use for early detection of damage on electric motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes and compressors, a first level warning automatically indicates abnormal behaviour from bearing defects, unbalance, misalignment or other faults.

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Machine Defender app

Our signature tablet-based instant machinery diagnostics tool, it offers significant upgrades and technological advances that will improve monitoring efficiency and optimise your data collection strategy. It features precise wireless measurement, AI diagnostics, QR code machine identification, 3D graphics and high-definition photography for visual referencing in detailed reports.

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The top-of-the-line AI-enabled vibrational analysis tool with real-time edge computing accurately pinpoints the source, direction and intensity of machinery vibration. For condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of more complex and critical applications — like wind turbines, stamping presses or port cranes — MV-x provides a seamless Industry 4.0 experience with added cyber security elements to keep your data safer.

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An innovative and cost-effective solution for effective monitoring of balance of plant (BoP) assets with confidence. Integrated with Nesti4.0 and powered by a standard replaceable battery, this small and lightweight wireless sensor gives you real-time insights into your BoP assets, enabling proactive decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency across your entire plant.

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Our signature software, operating and diagnostics platform, Nest harnesses the full power of AI to intuitively maintain critical equipment and increase productivity in your operations. Accessible via any enabled device, it acts as the conduit of all OneProd tools, giving you the ability to share your data in real time with full connectivity and easy integration with your existing data server. Fully customisable, all data, alarms, raw signals and parameters can be shared between different areas of the business in any digital factory system, with all data automatically backed up to give you full peace of mind.

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