Machine Defender App

Tablet based instant machinery diagnostic

Gain a better understanding of machine diagnostics and the health of your rotating assets quickly, easily and accurately using the latest version of the Machine Defender app in conjunction with a wireless sensor.

Remote expert diagnostics analysis is now easily within your reach using the updated Machine Defender app with NESTi4.0 connectivity.

The latest version of the Machine Defender – Acoem’s signature tablet-based instant machinery diagnostics tool – offers significant upgrades and technological advances that will improve monitoring efficiency and optimise your data collection strategy.


Our built-in Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence can quickly provide a diagnosis of the issue, along with recommended solutions and and actions, starting from the very first measurement
Wireless Measurements
Collect measurements with an Acoem accelerometer and send them to your mobile device wirelessly in a matter of seconds
HD Photos
Take photographs of the machine directly from your tablet and automatically insert them into a report for added visual reference
QR Code
The feature improves efficiency and accuracy in the machine identification process and reduces the potential of human error
Expert Diagnostic
Powered by the NESTi4.0 software platform, it delivers expert diagnostic information in a clear, concise and user-friendly format for all industrial machinery maintenance personnel
3D Graphics
The self-guided 3D graphics create a virtual image of your machine on your tablet and eliminates potential errors

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RT-300 - Machine Defender Application - Diagnosis

The RT-300 is the preventive maintenance solution you’ve been waiting for. In this video, Acoem technical trainer, Stan Riddle guides you through the Machine Defender application; an Android application built for machine diagnostics. The Machine Defender app connects with Acoem’s wireless triaxial sensor to collect vibration data on rotating machinery and quickly deliver a diagnosis via Accurex™ technology. Automating the process of vibration analysis, the Machine Defender application is perfect for any maintenance worker looking to efficiently diagnose machine problems with accuracy.

Set up in seconds

After you download the app, simply input a few parameters and you’ll be ready to identify risks and make prioritised maintenance decisions based on Machine Defender’s automatic diagnostics. Even if you’ve never used a vibration diagnostic tool before, Machine Defender makes the process effortless. Select your machine’s components, transmission type – direct driven belt drive or gearbox, speed in RPMs and power range in horsepower via a set of easily identifiable icons on your screen.

Navigate the system with ease

The colour-coded and icon-based NEST user interface makes rotating machinery analysis straight forward. The self-guided 3D graphics create a virtual image of your machine on your tablet and eliminate potential errors. Analysis and diagnostics data are displayed using a traffic light system to alert you to possible faults and a degree of confidence percentage in their assessment, adding an extra layer of protection

Accurex™ driven precision diagnostics

For compatible machines, automatic vibration diagnostics are delivered to your tablet in a matter of seconds via Acoem’s built-in proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, Accurex™. It provides fast, relevant and reliable results for a wide range of potential machine faults, including:

  • unbalance
  • misalignment
  • pump cavitation
  • structural resonance
  • bearing issues
  • lubrication
  • gear wear
  • Shock/modulation resulting from looseness or electrical defects
  • Other ISO defects (soft footing, belt wear or a nearby disturbance).

Instant thermography integration

Take photos using a compatible handheld thermographic camera (and the FLIR ONE™ app) and transform thermographic images into a fail-safe way to detect issues and confirm faults, such as an over-heated bearing that may need to be replaced immediately to avoid costly repairs. No need to shut down the machine or interrupt operations and the app will automatically add the infrared pictures to a report as well as the NESTi4.0 vibration analysis platform.

Incorporate high resolution photographic images

Take photographs of the machine directly from your tablet and automatically insert them into a report for added visual reference. Photos help to correctly identify the machine as well as sensor’s position on it. This provides more accurate communication between the person taking the measurements and an off-site vibration expert who may be conducting the diagnostic analysis remotely.

Fool-proof identification of machinery for monitoring

Even without any maintenance or vibration expertise, anyone can operate the Machine Defender app directly from their tablet. We have incorporated QR code technology to provide a simple way to ensure you are measuring the right machine. A QR code can be easily affixed to any machine and you can scan it on site using your tablet to eliminate any potential errors.

Quick and easy wireless measurements

The Machine Defender app works in perfect harmony with a lightweight, stainless-steel signature Acoem triaxial wireless accelerometer that can be fitted with a high-powered bipolar magnet making it suitable for curved shafts. Collect measurements in X, Y and Z directions simultaneously and send them to your mobile device wirelessly in a matter of seconds.

Connect your Machine Defender to the Acoem reliability ecosystem with NEST i4.0

Machine Defender seamlessly connects to the entire Acoem ecosystem of tools via the NESTi4.0 suite of software. The first-generation Machine Defender only measured machines that were compatible with our Accurex™ AI system. But with the latest update, all rotating machinery can be measured.
Add any machine to the NESTi4.0 interface with a single drag-and-drop, duplicate assets for networks of machinery and rename them as required. Additional custom post-processing actions can be performed and will only be accessible in NESTi4.0 for an expert to view rather than appearing on the measurement-taker’s tablet.

Beyond entry-level analysis – expert capabilities are at your fingertips

Machine Defender with NESTi4.0 connectivity automatically pushes high quality data to an off-site expert for superior analysis as required. 

This makes it an ideal solution for troubleshooting on any site and a complementary tool to the Falcon. With accessibility to the same quality of data as the Falcon, Machine Defender opens up significantly new possibilities for an improved and affordable data collection strategy.

With Machine Defender, there is no longer a need to always have a vibration expert of site to take measurements. Even novices can use the app to take measurements and send them to an off-site expert to further evaluate as required. For vibration consultants, this means saving time by not needing to travel to individual client sites. Instead, they can rely upon an additional pool of resources to collect the data on site. 

Machine Defender also allows you to merge alignment and vibration data, so all information is available on a single interface.

Data via the cloud or on-premises – the choice is yours

Your data security is a priority. With the NEST platform available on premises or in the cloud, any potential security challenges presented by cloud reliance or external servers can be overcome, thereby removing all barriers to accessible predictive maintenance. 

Connecting via NEST allows you to share your data with teams around your business to leverage reliability performance. Operational and maintenance teams can access individual reports, machine history as well as trending capabilities. Your machine’s vibration diagnostics will be available instantaneously in the field or by your remote expert analyst for further evaluation. Make decisions sooner and take immediate action as required to optimise machine efficiency.

Expand your proactive maintenance capabilities

Machine Defender is just one solution in Acoem’s reliability ecosystem – the first truly flexible and scalable solution that combes multiple different technologies on the same mobile platform to deliver reliable and precise proactive and predictive maintenance for industrial machinery. Continually add tools or upgrade as new technologies become available, or as your specific needs change over time.

  • In addition to the Machine Defender app, the ecosystem currently features:
    The Pre-alignment app, designed to remove the complexity of your laser alignment process, making it faster and more reliable (works with the Acoem wireless Run-out probe)
  • The Horizontal alignment app, delivering the fastest and most accurate laser alignment capabilities on the market thanks to superior technology sensors and dedicated features (works with an Acoem AT-200 wireless laser sensor)
  • The Vertical alignment app, offering the best user experience for the alignment of vertical machines with the same features as the Horizontal app (works with an Acoem AT-200 wireless laser sensor)
  • The Bearing Defender app, providing quick first-level information on bearing health based on vibration readings in a matter of seconds (in conjunction with an Acoem wireless vibration sensor)

Instant machinery diagnostic

Acoem Machine Defender app has been designed to put rotating machinery health assessment at the grasp of every mechanics. By simple selection of the machine components and input of the speed range, power range and type of mounting, the Machine Defender tells the user if his asset is at risk and what type of faults are most likely present on the machine.

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