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Established by acoustic engineers Patrick Luquet and Adam Rozwadowski in France in 1987, 01dB grew to become one of the most trusted and respected brands in environmental noise and vibration monitoring around the world – servicing a diverse range of industries and applications, from museums and monuments to airports and infrastructure to construction and wind energy.

The company got its start developing precision acoustic monitoring software and data processing systems for the French Ministry of Health. It then attracted a number of government customers across France and continued to expand it development of advanced monitoring technology.


After beginning to export its solutions to Italy and Belgium based on relationships it had created with acoustics specialists and academics working in the field, within its first 10 years, 01dB formed partnerships and created subsidiaries in Europe, the US and South America.

It opened regional offices in Malaysia and then Thailand to successfully conquer the South East Asian market. Merging with three other advanced monitoring technology businesses – Metravib, FixturLaser and OneProd – in 2012 it became one of the founding members of the Acoem Group.

What’s in a name?

The term ‘01dB’ was coined by its original founders. It is a direct reference to the connection between digital/computer technology (the ‘0’ and ‘1’ binary codes) and acoustic measurement (dB – decibels).

It also denoted the idea of precision to .01 or a tenth of a decibel. Believing right from the beginning that its services would become global, the brand could be easily understood in every language.

In addition to government contracts, 01dB has always been instrumental in driving innovation across the noise and vibration measurement landscape, creating interconnected devices and software platforms that help businesses and industries meet government standards, protect their workers and communicate transparently with potentially affected communities.

Monitoring solutions trusted by environmental experts

01dB devices have become the instruments of choice for environmental consultants around the world, used individually or in large networks to ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard populations who would otherwise be adversely impacted by excessive noise pollution.

In 1987 it was the first company to develop as Class 1 certified sound level meter with internal analyser and data storage.

The ‘Aria’ was the first computer-based sound level meter on the market, which paved the way for 01dB to continue its research and development agenda and release a number of innovations. including:

  • SIP95 SLM
  • Solo SLM
  • 01dB noise monitoring system
  • Bluetooth Solo SLM
  • Bluetooth dosimeter
  • Duo SLM & NMT
  • WebMonitoring software platform
  • Fusion SLM
  • Cube NMT


Our current ecosystem of noise & vibration monitoring solutions

As customers’ needs have changed, so too 01dB solutions have evolved and adopted new technology to make the process of accurately measuring and analysing excessive noise and vibration easier.



An all-in-one vibration monitoring system with an integrated sensor, modem, Wi-Fi and GPS. It is robust, waterproof, easy to configure and use, and features 7 measurement channels and smart integration of vibration standards.

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4G Fusion


The all-weather, hyperconnected Fusion sound level meter guarantees accuracy and high-speed connectivity with IEC 61672 certification and built-in 4G modem, GPS and WiFi for ease of communication and data transfer. Add a vibration sensor to record/store 3-axis vibrations in parallel, or connect a camera for real-time audio and video alongside pushed data.

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4G Cube


Combining functionality with high-speed connectivity, the versatile Cube™ can be mounted or carried in a portable weatherproof case. It features built-in 4G modem, externally accessible WiFi / GSM / GPS antennae and IEC 61672 certification, guaranteeing data accuracy. Connect to a camera for real-time audio and video event detection.

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The Acoustic Connect Terminal that combines the precision of a Class 1 microphone with the maximum protection of an outdoor kit and full connectivity via the Cadence noise management system as well as other open-source platforms.

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Cadence™ is a 100% responsive, ready-to-use monitoring platform that seamlessly integrates with all Acoem noise measuring devices. Available 24 x 7 x 365, access your data on an intuitive interface via any connected device — smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop (Windows, iOS or Android). The perfect project management tool, it provides real-time results for heatmaps, overall levels and multiple indicators.

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