Vietnam’s Traffic Noise: How to control its impact on buildings?

Developing new road infrastructure, investing in major highway projects, and constructing tunnels are essential for cities and communities. But these development increases the flow of traffic and causes noise that could impact on buildings and peoples. The impacts from traffic and the local environment need have to be taken into consideration.

Measuring noise and calculating ways to reduce it is an integral strategy in controlling the noise caused by the traffic and its impact on the buildings and the environment.

Data from traffic noise helps to improve environmental conditions to minimize impact and avoid potential litigation. With that data, not only is it possible to monitor daily noise levels, it also enables engineers to define solutions to protect our environment from noise pollution.

Noise monitoring and control opens up important lines of communication between neighbors and stakeholders, helping the relevant authorities convey transparency, and build trust with the surrounding community.

Acoem has been at the forefront of researching, developing, and redefining noise and vibration monitoring technology through its for more than 30 years. Our solutions help control or avoid negligent or excessive noise and vibration and provide accurate predictive data to assist construction businesses in improving productivity while keeping their workers and local communities safe.

DELHOM ACOUSTICS has been dedicated to its fight against noise pollution since 1995. With our expertise in noise control, we can define solutions to reduce the impact that noise has on our buildings, environments and daily lives.

Please join us and discover the impact of traffic noise on buildings and the environment; and the benefits of our technology and integrated solutions in mitigating these noise impacts.

Date & time: Thursday, June 24th 2021 – 5:00 AM (CEST)

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