Portable particle counters & aerosol mass monitors for improved health & safety

When it comes to environmental monitoring, a lot of attention is focused on the quality of ambient air we breathe outdoors – but populations in urban areas generally spend upwards of 80% of their day indoors.

Recent world events have reinforced the importance of maintaining healthy and safe indoor air quality. This includes adequate air flow and the ability to accurately identify pollutants and excessive particles which may provide a vehicle for transmitting diseases – especially airborne viruses.

Enhancing indoor air quality monitoring for health and well-being

Monitoring indoor air quality is a critical element in ensuring that people who live, work, study, visit and play in communal indoor spaces can feel comfortable about the air they breathe every day. It is especially crucial for students in school settings where air quality has been shown to affect children’s health and ability to learn, and from an occupational health and safety perspective, to protect workers.

Pioneering indoor air quality monitoring since the late 1970s

Through Met One Instruments, Acoem has a long history of providing indoor air quality monitoring sensors and equipment for commercial (HVAC and cleanrooms), industrial, social, health and educational settings.

Our indoor particle counters are cost-effective, accurate and reliable, with one-touch monitoring that makes them fast and simple to use. These instruments are well-suited for process monitoring, corporate offices and manufacturing spaces, as well as residential, school, health facilities and public areas. They are built to last, can be serviced by Acoem service and calibration centres around the world and offer up to 20+ years of in-the-field operation.

Comprehensive indoor monitoring solutions for enhanced environmental understanding

Our range of indoor monitoring units can be used in isolation, in conjunction with other environmental measurement applications, such as Acoem noise and vibration sensors, or to compare and contrast indoor and outdoor particle levels to gain a more thorough understanding of the conditions we experience.

Acoem currently offers two portable, handheld entry-level indoor air quality monitoring systems:

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