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Maximise the reliability of your critical rotating assets

Unlike preventive/ predictive maintenance, a proactive maintenance program puts actions into place that are focused on the root causes of failures, not just the symptoms. It aims to extend the life of your mechanical machinery as opposed to undertaking costly repairs or performing standardised inspections, even when nothing is wrong. Rather than accepting machine failures as inevitable, or preempting crisis maintenance, it adopts a system of scheduled failure maintenance. Proactive maintenance via precise and timely Acoem machine monitoring solutions lies at the very heart of a forward-thinking maintenance mindset.

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Acoem’s wide range of alignment systems tools plays a vital role in helping manufacturers and production processes remain efficient and safe.

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The importance of adopting a proactive maintenance approach

Implementing proactive maintenance solutions is a cost-effective and strategic way to boost the productivity of your business. It helps to ensure that your machinery will perform at its optimum level and maximum efficiency. As a result, your production or operational functionality will continue without unscheduled interruptions caused by equipment failure, breakdowns or other unanticipated problems.

It enhances the lifecycle of your critical assets, providing an added level of surety that they will operate for the expected duration, which in turn will minimise the need for non-budgeted procurement to replace machines or components that you can no longer repair.

And importantly, a well-thought out and executed proactive maintenance strategy helps keep your workplace, your staff and the environment safe by reducing accidents and dangerous incidents caused by malfunctions and failures.

Benefits of proactive maintenance to your business

The ability to anticipate machine failures and eliminate them before they develop helps organisations find hidden inefficiencies. Evidence suggests that if implemented correctly, proactive maintenance can reduce your factory or plant maintenance costs by up to 70%.
Rather than waiting for your machine break down or regularly scheduling maintenance, proactive maintenance requires ongoing machine health monitoring. Under this approach, the machine tracking data is collected and continually analysed so maintenance teams can identify and catch machine faults before they turn into failures. The financial and non-financial advantages of implementing a thorough proactive maintenance program makes investing in the right system a logical choice. These include:

  • Pinpointing the exact root cause of machine failures
  • Empowering team members to become experts
  • Minimising costs & downtime
  • Simpler & more efficient use of resources
  • Keeping machines running at optimal levels consistently.

The importance of adopting a proactive maintenance approach

Misalignment is the single largest cause of unscheduled machinery breakdown

Our belt alignment solution

  • Enhance life of your belts or sheaves
  • Reduce radial & axial loading of the shafts & the bearings that support them
  • Decrease wear on the sheaves
  • Reduce noise, vibration, dust & heat due to belt wear.

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Our shaft alignment tools

Acoem shaft alignment tools include precision laser technology-based systems that take alignment into the world of Industry 4.0 with wireless sensors, integrated apps, automatic diagnostics driven by AI and easy connectivity.

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Geometric measurement

Precision laser geometric measurement helps to ensure the flatness and straightness of your equipment’s bed or foundation. This is essential during machine installation and repair as it influences force distribution in a machine during its operation and can adversely affect performance if not accurate.

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Wind turbines

Wind turbines require highly specialised proactive maintenance tools as slow rotating assets. Our system offers the latest diagnostics and maintenance recommendations in real time from anywhere worldwide, making it easier to optimise your maintenance process by:

  • Detecting faults at an early stage
  • Enhancing production uptime via scheduled & targeted maintenance
  • Providing precise data for improved spare parts management
  • Pooling replacement operations
  • Removing systematic maintenance controls & their related costs.

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