Aurora NE-400 Polar

Polar Integrating Nephelometer

The Acoem Aurora NE-400 Polar is a three wavelength integrating nephelometer and the flagship of the Aurora NE series.

Measure light scattering in up to 18 user-selectable angular sectors, using varied backscatter shutter positioning to help determine the phase function of aerosols and bring  our climate research and modelling projects to life with precision data.


Power with greater reliability & expandability
New, more powerful microcontroller significantly improves signal processing capabilities, speeds up operations and establishes a platform for greater future expandability
Accessibility with data at a touch
Intuitive menu system via large 7" colour touchscreen display
Speed with real-time remote monitoring
Enhanced connectivity with a standard network TCP/IP port, micro-SD card, USB port and RS232
Reliability with flow improvements
New integrated internal ball valve eliminates sample contamination
Accuracy with reduced truncation angle
Greater accuracy with reduced truncation angle & lower noise
Reliable performance in extreme conditions
Designed to perform in the toughest environment and take precise readings

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Flagship three wavelength
polar integrating nephelometer

The Aurora NE-400 Polar provides measurements of integrated light scattering between 7° – 173°, with the user able to select multiple backscatter angles between the 7° to 90° starting angle of integration.

The instrument simultaneously measures at 450 nm (blue), 525 nm (green) and 635 nm (red), using the proven LED light source to enable wide and in-depth analysis of the interaction between light and aerosols.

These measurements can contribute to determining the phase function, defined as the amount of light scattered as a function of the scattering angle. The phase function is a key parameter to accurately model the influence of the aerosol scattering on the Earth’s radiative balance.

Key highlights:

  • Wide measurement range (0.1 to 20,000 Mm-1)
  • 18 angular sectors fully-integrated scattering
  • Automatic bypass ball valve protects against contamination of a common sampling manifold during calibration
  • Mass flow control enables flow to be controlled in conjunction with an internal pump.


  • Fully programmable integrated scattering over multiple angular sectors
  • High powered multi-wavelength LED light-source increases measurement accuracy
  • Higher flow available via the external pump & MFC option
  • Access to hundreds of raw measurement parameters for customised data analysis
  • Simplified fully automatic & scheduled calibration using internal valves, ideal for remote locations
  • Robust instrument for unattended operation
  • 24 VDC operation (120 W max with supplied mains power supply)
  • Automatic optical reference calibration
  • Internal sample heater with temperature or RH control, which you can enable to eliminate the effects of humidity
  • Increased light source intensity & reduced truncation angle, lower instrument noise & decreased wall scattering from internal reflections compared to previous generation Aurora 4000
  • LED light source is guaranteed not to fail within 3 years & often exceeds 5 years lifetime
  • Heat generated by the light source is reduced by using high efficiency LEDs & fans, minimising changes in sample RH
  • LEDs emit light at a specific wavelength eliminating the need for band pass filters
  • LED light source uses the same light path for each wavelength for consistency of measurement, eliminating the need for multiple PMTs & maximising light intensity
  • Storage & automatic backup of configuration & calibration files
  • Easily integrates into the Acoem Aerosol Conditioning System ACS™ 1000.


  • Ambient Temperature & RH sensor for volumetric flow control
  • Roof flange, inlet extensions & rain cap with insect screen
  • Gas calibration kit & wall mount bracket
  • Annual service kit
  • Aerosol dryer
  • 20 lpm mass flow control option & external pump.


  • Studies on backscatter & forward scatter
  • Scattering enhancement factor
  • Scattering Angstorm exponent calculations
  • Determination of single scattering albedo
  • High-altitude aircraft based campaigns.

World-class aerosol monitoring & measurement

Around the world, atmospheric scientists and environmental agencies, rely on Acoem’s range of Aurora™ integrating nephelometers every day.

Accurate, flexible and easy to operate, they are also transportable and designed to cope with the demands of use in remote locations.

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