Power & Communication connections

The Acoem Tunnel Sensors VICONOX, CROSSFLOW and AIRFLOW-MkII road tunnel atmosphere monitors are all supplied with a set of cables for power, communication and outputs. These cables are designed to enable simple connection and interconnection to the monitors which brings a number of benefits during monitor installation and long term maintenance.

  • Power and Communication cable – 24Vdc & RS485
  • Outputs cable – analogue outputs and digital relays
  • Interconnect – used to link Crossflow and Viconox heads

All our supplied cables have an IP67 rated quick lock plug on one end for rapid and simple connection to the corresponding sockets on the monitors, the other end of the cable is bare wire ready for connection to a local junction box and power supply. This means there are no cable glands, screwdrivers or tools required and the monitors do not need opening to make or break connections. The twist lock connector and sockets are keyed to prevent incorrect pin alignment.

The VICONOX and CROSSFLOW both feature wall mounted alignment plates with quick release clips to attach the heads, combined with simple, easy to use plug and socket connectors means it is very easy to change and replace heads for maintenance purposes. These features save tunnel operators valuable time during installation and future servicing which is often performed during night time tunnel closures. A number of optional cable lengths are available upon request, whilst taking into consideration the type and length of the communications network being established.

Please contact us directly if you would like more information about our range of tunnel atmosphere monitors for your next tunnel project.

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