New Acoem Serinus firmware update makes gas analyser configuration faster & easier

8 May 2018

The new firmware update for the Serinus™ range of gas analysers includes a number of key improvements and innovations that make using the instrument easier and more environmentally friendly. Pictured: Serinus Oxides of Nitrogen Analyser

Customise your settings from any computer

The biggest change is that customers can now configure and customise point/sequence definitions using any computer’s text editor (like Notepad or WordPad) on text files that are stored on the instrument’s USB. Previously, all changes had to be keyed in on the keypad located on the front of the Serinus instrument.

Using text files makes support and troubleshooting simpler and configuration more legible. Sharing settings across multiple Serinus instruments is now significantly easier, eliminating the need to key in the same configuration on different instruments.

Lights are only on when you’re home 

A simple but effective energy saver, the instrument’s backlit screen can now be set to “working days” so the display stays illuminated from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, then automatically switches off after hours.

We speak your language 

We live in a diverse and multicultural world. French has now been added to Simplified Chinese, Russian, English and other languages supported by Serinus gas analysers.

Investing in research and development to continuously improve environmental monitoring instruments is part of Acoem’s cultural DNA. Regular updating Serinus firmware is one example of this commitment.

Read the full list of firmware update features and download the new Serinus firmware update directly from


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