Better Together: Acoem India (Ecotech Industries India) hosts Acoem Global Manufacturing Forum to share operational best practice

16 Dec 2019

Acoem Industries team joined by representatives of Acoem’s global manufacturing and supply chain management teams at the Acoem facility in Indore, India – Nov 2019

The importance of working collaboratively across the various businesses of Acoem was a key takeout of this year’s Acoem Global Manufacturing Forum. Hosted by Acoem (Ecotech Industries) in Indore, India, it was an opportunity for operational and supply chain management to witness first hand the benefits of implementing world’s best practice in a manufacturing facility.

The three-day forum took place from 19-21 November and included a dozen participants from Acoem businesses in Australia, France, India and Sweden. They were joined by a select group of local suppliers as part of Acoem’s ongoing commitment to supplier engagement.

Adding value through international collaboration

The purpose of the forum was predominantly to showcase the facility’s best practice principles in operation. However, more so, it was an avenue to share knowledge and potentially create even greater synergies between the various manufacturing arms of Acoem.

The group members toured the facility, observed production methods, attended seminars and presentations, and learnt how they might implement some of these best practice concepts in their own operations.

Built in 2015, Acoem (Ecotech Industries’) Indore factory is world class. For most attendees it was their first time in India, and they were impressed with the high standards of operations achieved in such a short timeframe. Feedback from the participants was very positive.

“Under the guidance of Acoem Group Operations Manager, Yunesh Naidu, the facility has grown from strength to strength,” commented Acoem Australasia Managing Director James Agius.


Showcasing world’s best practice in manufacturing

“Over the past 18 months we have introduced a series of operational enhancements including LEAN manufacturing principles and the 5S system of visual management which have improved organisational efficiency and operational effectiveness across the board,” said Yunesh.

While the main focus of the activities over the three days was on operations, the forum clearly identified the added benefit of global sourcing.


Future opportunities

The ability to source globally as a single entity and negotiate larger commercial contracts with suppliers will mean significant cost savings that Acoem can then pass on to customers,” remarked James.

“There is also potential in the near future for some of Acoem’s European manufacturing to migrate to India, again creating economies of scale at Acoem in Indore. With a significantly lower cost base, exceptional production capabilities and the highest standard of operational management, it makes sense to do so,” he added.

Overall, the value of these forums extends far beyond the immediate learnings of the group and possible adoption of some of the processes. Acoem operational teams in India and Australia are looking forward to the next meet up as yet another way to build a stronger future for Acoem as a global entity.

For more information about the manufacturing processes employed at Acoem’s Indore facility, contact Yunesh Naidu at or visit

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