Acoem Fusion Sound Level Meter Receives Prestigious Type Approval from Portugal's National Metrology Laboratory

Oct 2023,

Acoem’s persistent commitment to meeting international standards and regulations remains the cornerstone of its development of innovative solutions that effectively address noise-related challenges. Continuing this tradition of excellence, Acoem is proud to announce that its acclaimed FusionTM Sound Level Meter has been granted ‘Type Approval’ by the prestigious National Metrology Laboratory of Portugal (LNM).

This certification from LNM, a highly regarded institution in the field of metrology, marks a significant achievement for the Fusion Sound Level Meter and opens up exciting commercial opportunities in Portugal’s dynamic market.

Building on prior accreditations across prominent European nations such as France, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain, this recent validation underscores Acoem’s steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch noise measurement instruments to industry professionals worldwide.

Fusion™ – a Class 1 Sound Level Meter

FusionTM is a signature product in Acoem’s class-leading and globally trusted suite of noise and vibration monitoring solutions. It is the only IEC 61672 Class 1 sound level meter/analyser on the market with a built-in 4G modem and your choice of trigger, advanced indicators, aircraft indicators and push data options.

Designed to suit all applications, FusionTM is a multifunctional sound level meter, designed to increase productivity. Simple to use, and as effective handheld as it is on a tripod, this instrument is ideal for expected and unexpected measurement situations. Boasting powerful functionality for onsite analysis, FusionTM is an innovation in sound level meters.

Fusion is a compact and reliable device with which you can conduct all your measurements  – from 1 second intervals to multiple months and years – across a wide range of environmental, buildings and/or other monitoring needs.

“This successful validation in Portugal represents a pivotal advancement in our European market strategy. It amplifies our footprint within the European region and solidifies our position as a trusted provider of environmental monitoring solutions,” commented Hans Van Setten Regional Business Manager– Environment.

Core Advantages of the ‘Type Approval’

Global Footprint
Securing approval across various European countries, positions the Fusion Sound Level Meter as a globally recognized and trusted instrument.
Market Potential
LNM's endorsement opens up avenues for Acoem to address the burgeoning demand for reliable and compliant noise measurement solutions within Portugal. This market holds immense promise, and Acoem is positioned to cater to diverse industry needs
Exceptional Precision
Fusion is known for its exceptional accuracy, versatility, and user-friendliness, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in environmental impact assessments, industrial noise control, and occupational health and safety
Regulatory Compliance
Fusion meticulously aligns with the stringent regulatory requirements outlined by Portuguese authorities, ensuring that users can confidently rely on its precision for their diverse measurement requirements.
Strategic Partnerships
Acoem is proud to be associated with its Portuguese distributor, GISCAD, for their invaluable support in liaising with LNM and securing this prestigious approval


Pursuing the path of excellence

Acoem continues to lead in environmental monitoring technology, continuously enhancing its products to meet the evolving needs of its clientele. Our products are certified at the highest level by world-class laboratories and follow best practices as required by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in Australia as well as LNE and COFRAC in France.  These associations with industry-leading laboratories, across two continents, have enabled us to deliver the best noise-monitoring equipment to the world market.

“The accuracy of the data measured is a guarantee of excellence when we offer measurement tools. Fusion is a perfect example of this, and its accuracy is still recognised today by certifications from national and international laboratories-LNE, PTB for instance.

But above all, Fusion is proof that a precise measurement tool doesn’t have to be complicated to use. Just 3 buttons on the device allow us to carry out all kinds of acoustic measurements: on-the-fly measurements, building-specific measurements and short, medium and long-term monitoring with its connection to Cadence.”Charles-Etienne Lamort, Application & Solution specialist.

The Type Approval in Portugal represents another significant stride in Acoem’s journey to expand its presence in the European market. It also reaffirms Acoem’s dedication to providing instruments that contribute to a quieter and more sustainable world.


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GISCAD – Geomática & Engenharia Lda is a company operating in Portugal since 2006 dedicated to the commercialisation of solutions for the areas of Geomatics and Civil Engineering. GISCAD has a team with extensive technical knowledge in the equipment they represent, which enables them to provide a complete quality service in all stages of the business, from the proposal of the solution, installation and after-sales, everything is completely done by their internal technicians, which creates an exclusive relationship of trust and closeness with the client that normally lasts for life.

GISCAD has more than 15 years of experience in GNSS equipment, optics, laser scanner, drones, dredger solutions, hydrography, structures monitoring, road and rail construction solutions, etc. They have physical offices that cover the entire national territory, in Sines and Guarda and a new office in Lisbon.

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