Acoem Australasia & China: Working towards a clear future

30 May 2017

Acoem Australasia’s (previously known as Ecotech) commitment to working closely with China to provide sustainable solutions for air monitoring extends far beyond its business activities. For Acoem Environment (former) CEO Nicholas Dal Sasso, the connection with China is personal. It’s about creating stronger cultural ties and forging a more meaningful, long-term relationship with our neighbour to the north.

The art of calligraphy: building bridges between China and Australia

The next generation: Our China connection 

In March 2017, Nicholas’ 11-year-old son (pictured above) took part in an international exchange program in Machong, a city in the Guangdong Province of southern China. In addition to brushing up on their language, calligraphy and fencing skills, the enthusiastic group from Clifton Hill Primary School, Victoria, Australia had the opportunity to experience the best of the province’s renowned hospitality and immerse themselves in the local community.

China’s push towards air quality monitoring

With global focus on China’s environmental issues, especially in regard to air quality, Guangdong, a region renowned for its fast-paced economic development, is forging a reputation for championing advancements in air pollution monitoring and environmental protection.  Through government and industry collaboration, Guangdong and numerous provinces in China have implemented new regulations and introduced monitoring stations, many located near schools and in residential areas.

Acoem Australasia’s partnership is a commitment to China

Acoem Australasia has played a significant role in ambient air monitoring in China since it went into partnership with Hebei Sailhero Environmental Protection – the first publicly-listed environmental monitoring company in China. Acoem Australasia’s relationship with the Chinese market and Sailhero is unique. Although Acoem environmental monitoring products are sold through distributors in 80+ countries globally, China is the only market in which Acoem branded instruments and components are licensed and manufactured locally. Acoem Australasia formed this landmark partnership in 2008 and since then, has been working side-by-side with Sailhero, Chinese industry and government authorities to improve air quality through state-of-the-art monitoring systems.

James Agius, representing Acoem Australasia, signing an agreement with Hebei Sailhero to manufacture the Acoem range of analysers under licence (2008)

Our work with China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection

In 2016, Acoem Australasia and Sailhero supplied China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) with more than 100 Acoem Serinus™ trace gas analysers for township pollution monitoring in 32 different locations across China. Acoem Australasia’s trace gas analysers will give officials the ability to monitor at low concentration levels, helping to combat and control rising pollution before it exceeds acceptable levels.

China connection: Acoem Australasia is committed to a brighter outlook for cultural and environmental preservation

Acoem Australasia’s vision towards a greater good

When asked about the importance of Acoem Australasia’s connection with China, Nicholas said “I can confidently tell my son that my team and I are dedicated to helping improve the lives of the Chinese students and teachers he now calls his friends. Our promise to service the Chinese market through our partnership with Sailhero is a part of Acoem Australasia’s vision of uniting for the common purpose of striving for a greater good.” He added “It’s our desire to help local communities and take an active role in working with organisations to enhance health, education and services for a sustainable future.”

For over 40 years Acoem Australasia has pioneered innovative solutions in environmental monitoring for air, water, gas, blast, particulate and dust. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, in 2017 Acoem Australasia was ( certified to internationally recognised quality standards and managed over 440 real-time environmental monitoring sites around the world.



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