Acoem Australasia and Amity University Gurgaon sign scientific cooperation Memorandum of Understanding to monitor aerosols in India

25 July 2017

Extending its ongoing relationship with Amity University, India’s leading research and innovation driven private university, Acoem Australasia has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the university’s Gurgaon campus, located in Manesar, Haryana.

Amity University Gurgaon is spread over 110 acres of campus amidst Aravali Hills in Gurgaon (Manesar), the Millennium City of India. [Source]

The MOU establishes a collaborative relationship to facilitate ongoing scientific research in aerosol monitoring. The formal alliance focuses on research projects that will characterise particulate matter under different weather and environmental conditions using the Acoem Aurora™ 4000 Polar integrating multispectral nephelometer.

In the coming months, the Acoem instrument will be installed at the university to monitor air quality in and around the campus.

 The Acoem Aurora 4000 Polar integrating multispectral nephelometer

The AuroraTM 4000 (pictured) is the world’s only commercially available polar integrating nephelometer.

The exclusive Acoem design uses three wavelength technology and automatically measures scattering in different angular sectors by varying its backscatter shutter’s position. It provides more specific light scattering measurements with up to 17 different angles per measurement.

Using an innovative LED light source, the Aurora™ 4000 simultaneously measures at 525 nm (green), 450 nm (blue) and 635 nm (red) to enable wide and in-depth analysis of the interaction between light and aerosols. These added capabilities provide easy automatic calibration and comprehensive data allowing a greater characterisation of aerosol scattering than basic backscatter measurement.

Amity University will receive ongoing technical advice from Acoem Australasia and the nephelometer will be serviced and supported locally through Acoem’s scientific research equipment distributor, Tesscorn in Bengaluru, Bangalore.

In addition to the nephelometer, the MOU between Acoem Australasia and Amity University also outlines how both parties will share information regarding academic opportunities in India and abroad, as well as relevant technological and scientific advancements.

The Acoem global commitment to innovation and progress

The MOU and growing relationship with Amity University enhances Acoem’s commitment to working closely with academic and research facilities to improve environmental conditions around the world.

Acoem’s physical presence in India and its extensive understanding of the local business and regulatory landscape puts it at the forefront of environmental monitoring in that country.




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