Ensuring compliance – Coregas

Customer: Coregas

Application: Gas

The Challenge

Coregas is one of the largest Australian owned industrial, medical and specialty gas companies. Their gases range from common gases such as oxygen and nitrogen to the rarest of gases like krypton.

Coregas provide gases to the medical sector of the highest levels of purity, consistency and are fully compliant with all relevant Australian government regulations. Gases help with respiration, anaesthesia, diagnosis, surgery, calibration of medical apparatus and the study of the lungs and cardiovascular systems. One of the gases manufactured by Coregas is the high purity (Grade 5, 99.999% pure) Nitrogen.

The Solution

In order for the purity of Nitrogen gas to meet production standards, the gas needs to be heated to 950 degrees Celsius. Acoem provides Coregas a HTO1000 Thermal Oxidiser as a means to reliably achieve this requirement.

The Outcome

Acoem provided Coregas with reliable means for controlling the quality of medical grade high purity Nitrogen. This is crucial for assurance of consistent quality of product. It also enables Coregas to maintain production volumes.

Acoem HTO 1000 thermal oxidisers are Australian made and afford ease of serviceability, cost-effectiveness, and greater productivity with reduced downtime.

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