Digital linear guage

Pen is a battery-powered, digital linear gauge that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to a mobile device using an app. It gives you access to a vast number of basic measurements like the ones with a dial indicatior, but with digital recording and improved documentation.


Wireless connection for safety and convenience

Wireless communication makes it possible to connect to a mobile device and by that having a remote display. You can also mount the Pen inside the machining area, close the doors and start moving the machine without comprimizing the safety regulation and in the same time, have full control of the measuring results on the remote display.

Built-in run out functions

With the dedicated function in the app, it is possible to record run-out on machine spindles and live tool holders automatically.  Within a couple of seconds, you can do the set-up of the Pen, start the spindle and start recording the results during a pre-set time.

Document and share on the spot

The recorded measurement on your mobile device can be displayed for evaluation and  shared using the standard functions on the mobile device. No manual recorded measuring reports are needed.