Laser geometric alignment tools

Safeguarding your machinery’s operational conditions with precision laser geometrics

For measuring machines and machine tools, geometric accuracy is a key performance criterion. It is especially important during machine installation and repair. The flatness and straightness of the equipment’s bed or foundation influence force distribution during its operation. The use of precision laser geometric alignment tools should therefore always be an essential part of any successful proactive maintenance program.

The importance of precision geometric measurements

Geometric measurement or testing consists of verifying the shape, dimension and position of your machine’s components and their relative alignment — each of which can have a detrimental effect on the operation and productivity of the equipment.

The measurements include any operation that may impact a part of the machine, such as planeness, parallelism, alignment, intersection of axes, squareness of straight lines or planar surfaces. The geometric dimension and precision of shaft parts not only directly affect the mechanical performance and life of your machine, but also have a critical impact on energy consumption and environmental pollution.

Measuring your machine’s geometry correctly will help you meet quality standards, keep your equipment operating within defined tolerances, optimise performance and reduce machine down times for misalignment and/or repair.

The superiority of laser geometric measurements

Traditional manual measurement methods depended largely on the operator or technician performing them. They were highly labour intensive, inefficient and could not guarantee accuracy due to the high possibility of human error. 

The introduction of laser technology and the use of sensors to perform geometric measurements of shaft based rotating assets has provided a fast, low cost, higher precision and extremely efficient way to improve the alignment and operation of machinery in industrial applications.

Laser technology allows you to align and measure over long distances with accurate results, measuring dual axes simultaneously. Checks like straightness, spindle direction, co-axiality and squareness can all be performed using the one instrument with one pair of laser sensors. 

An intuitive user interface lets you automatically document your measurements electronically, storing your data and letting you make immediate comparisons with ISO standards to ensure compliance and safety. Whatever your operation, a laser geometric measurement tool will give you complete control over your machine’s installation, set up and ongoing production.

Acoem laser geometric alignment tools

Acoem has been developing laser-based geometric solutions for decades, helping its customers install and activate their rotating machinery more quickly and efficiently and helping to extend their operational lifecycle. Our signature NXA Ultimate laser geometric alignment tool is the culmination of that expertise. 

Focusing on versatility and user-friendliness in both our hardware and software, Acoem laser measurement technology helps you easily check and adjust your machine’s geometries for:

  • level / flatness / inclination
  • straightness – full & half bore
  • rectangular & circular flatness
  • plumbness
  • pointing direction of spindles
  • parallelism
  • right-angle authentication.

Our tools are precise, easy to operate and can be used in almost any application on a wide range of machines including wind turbines, milling equipment, presses, boring machines and lathes.

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