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Trusted by government agencies & relied upon by authorities worldwide

Gaining the trust of public authorities around the world has taken decades of relationship building, research and development, innovation and a proven track record in achieving consistency and accuracy in all our data applications. We are proud to partner with governments at every level — from small municipalities to major cities and national environmental protection agencies to public utility corporations — helping them create environments of possibility and balance progress with preservation.

Acoem’s 50 years of expertise
working in partnership with the public sector

Acoem’s 50 years of expertise working in partnership with the public sector

Public authorities have a fiduciary responsibility to provide the communities they serve with a safe, healthy and secure physical environment. To do so, effective and reliable monitoring of public spaces, infrastructure, air quality, security and noise levels should be part of any holistic city, region or national management plan, along with open and transparent communication with constituents that gives them access to data and information about their surroundings when required.


For close to half a century, Acoem has been working closely with government agencies and departments in more than 80 countries worldwide, listening to them to assess their needs and designing solutions that measure and monitor a variety of essential civic parameters. We also provide authorities with the communication platforms they need to actively engage with the public — via websites, electronic signage and apps that display relevant data in an accessible format in real time.

Security and surveillance

In 1995, we developed a static gunshot detection technology for UN armoured vehicles that safeguarded civilians and protected soldiers against isolated attacks in the rugged urban terrain of Sarajevo during the final months of the Bosnian War. From there we expanded our capabilities by delivering mobile detection systems for wider analysis of threats to provide accurate alerts and data to ensure people’s safety. Since that time, our acoustic technology has been embedded with 25 armies around the world, including US Special Operations Command in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Today, our security, safety and surveillance solutions have earned the trust of soldiers in the toughest military operations around the world. That technology laid the foundation for Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) – helping protect communities in urban environments from common threats and giving law enforcement agencies a new perspective on making their cities safer. Forming a virtual ring of protection around cities or neighbourhoods, our strategic, simple and highly reliable data-driven systems deploy military grade threat detection on the ground in a variety of civilian contexts, giving you the power and insight to make more informed tactical response decisions to emergency situations.

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Noise and vibration solutions

We offer public authorities a wide array of options when it comes to accurately monitoring and measuring noise and vibration disturbances and exceedances in rural, suburban and urban contexts. This includes tailored solutions for airport noise, traffic noise management systems, construction and infrastructure, wind turbines and indoor applications.

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Air quality monitoring

From individual sensors that measure a specific gas, CEMS emission or particulate to entire networks of multi-parameter monitors, Acoem can tailor solutions to meet your individual needs. We operate air quality monitoring stations (AQMS) in more than 80 countries worldwide, helping to safeguard the air that communities breathe daily and have also worked with governments on ground-breaking pilot programs like the Breathe London project for measuring highly localised air quality using microsensors. In addition to developing our own technology and instrumentation, we partner with other leaders in environmental management to provide you with the most reliable and effective solutions that provide accurate, real-time data about your air quality.

Discover how we can work together to improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of your population through accurate environmental monitoring and our integrated security solutions in your city or region.

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