Machine tool measuring equipment

Ensuring your machine tools conform to required tolerances to enhance manufacturing processes

Machine tools are designed to conform to a required tolerance so they move a tool along a specified path relative to another workpiece to perform a tool-related manufacturing process. Machine controller dynamics, component errors, thermal changes or process issues may cause a tool to deviate from its prescribed path, which may lead to manufacturing inconsistencies and result in the component becoming out-of-tolerance. Performing accurate machine tool measurement as part of a thorough industrial reliability and maintenance program can provide vital data on the positioning and spindle errors expected from the machine. This in turn can be used as a basis for making informed decisions regarding correcting the machine and preventing failures.

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The importance of machine tool measurement to enhance manufacturing productivity

Machine tools are the lifeblood of industrial manufacturing and need to function at their peak level to maintain operational best practice. They must guarantee a high level of flexibility and a strong degree of utilisation while minimising downtime to reduce production costs. These outcomes are best achieved via precise geometry of all the machine’s movements.

Workpieces need to be aligned before, during and in between machining to maintain quality of products and measurement data can be used to enhance your total production process with automated diagnostics and feedback via integrated software. Straightness, squareness, and angular errors are the most common errors that require measurement and rectification.

Benefits of Acoem machine tool measuring equipments

Acoem has spent the past three decades developing solutions that carry out highly accurate, quick geometric status checks of your machine tools. We focus on providing our customers with systems that have an intuitive user-friendly interface (graphical and/or numeric), leverage smart digital technology and possess fewer complicated functions to change the way you execute machine tool measurement. Each solution measures the geometry of the machine’s movements in a number of clear and simple steps.

We offer an extensive range of laser-based and wireless machine tool measuring equipments, sensors and integrated systems for:

Our machine tool measuring equipment applications

Energy generation
Scientific research
Ship building

Our solutions are especially crucial in sectors that demand close measurements and fast feedback into the complex and accurate components that drive manufacturing processes.

Keeping your machine tools operating at their optimal accuracy level

Manufacturers need assurance that their machine tools will be precise at all stages – from initial set up to end of projected life, to avoid expensive and labour-intensive rework or scrapping. 

Levelling a machine is essential to how it functions. If your machine isn’t level, the motor may need to work harder and it may cause significant damage. To ensure machine tools operate at the highest level of accuracy, regular calibration according to the machine manufacturer’s specifications and warranty is required. In addition to regular calibration, it is also beneficial when:

  • The machine is newly set
  • The machine was moved to another facility
  • Parts have gradually become out of tolerance
  • The machine recently failed

Acoem machine tool calibration and levelling services adhere to all ISO standards and guidelines for Machine Tool Calibration (MTC) measurements.

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