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Drive your installation, optimise your production and prevent from any piping risk

With an ever-growing demand for energy, the Oil and Gas industry is continually under pressure to increase production.  

But to boost production safely and efficiently, maintaining proper pressure by monitoring vibration is crucial to avoiding potential hazards like piping cracking, overheating or a larger critical failure that may have catastrophic consequences. 

Until now, the process of monitoring critical pipes has been costly, highly labour intensive and could only provide measurements for a particular point in time – making the data unreliable for decision making. Discover the Acoem piping monitoring solution providing automatic and actionable data on the asset health condition.

Tailored to the particular type of energy being produced and the dimensions of the piping itself, the Acoem Piping module leverages specific algorithms specified by applicable standards to ensure pipe integrity by seamlessly working with the Acoem Falcon, Eagle or MV-x to deliver real-time vibration data with key safety, efficiency, operational and productivity insights.


Vibration analyzer


Acoem MV-x: Black Edition

Real-time monitoring systems



Wireless monitoring system


Addressing Core Industry Needs

A need for personal & platform safety

  • Aging piping (off-design)
  • Over productivity which constitute a risk
  • Need to prevent catastrophic events in ATEX area


A need for high-capacity production

  • High demand on the actual market (the pipes need to be at their highest capacity)
  • Need to avoid unexpected down time

Nesti4.0 interface is your gateway to piping operations

Available via your Nesti4.0 platform, this powerful remote diagnostics tool gives you a thorough understanding of vibration levels on your onshore or offshore assets at any time, including identifying the source of the transmission and intensity, empowering you to implement changes to production flow without any risk or safety issues.

Activate the Acoem piping module and gain immediate access to real-time data that factors in every process parameters, including:

  • Temperature variations
  • Flow Rate variations
  • Gas composition
  • Basic sediment & water (BSW)
  • Pressure

The simple traffic light system alerts you to any hazard, visually communicating threat levels specified by the standard selected (Wachel or Energy Institute Guidelines).

The benefits of adding the Piping module to your existing Acoem monitoring system :

  • Instantaneous, automatic classification of piping vibration according to VDI3842 (Wachel Criteria) and Energy Institute standards via graphical tool
  • Facilitates safe flow rate increases and eliminates vibration-associated risk
  • Integrates data into a single user-friendly platform whether you are using an offline handheld monitor (Falcon) or an online continuous monitoring system (Eagle and MV-x)
  • Provides a single interface for both piping and critical rotating assets diagnostics
  • Extends the lifecycle of your piping infrastructure
  • Makes compliance with international standards easy
  • Access to raw data for more precise analysis
  • Vibration source identification
  • Ideal for use in ATEX environments with inaccessible pipes
  • Suitable for all industries with critical pipes – steel, hydrogen plants, petrochemical etc.



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