Environment Training

Empowering you with the skills & knowledge to successfully implement Acoem solutions & beyond

When you purchase an Acoem environmental monitoring solution you are not only making an investment in hardware and software. You are investing in your people by giving them the opportunity to upskill and learn how to operate our equipment in the field, on site or in a research laboratory. Acoem provides a range of training options to ensure that you and your team members have thorough insight and understanding of the best ways to utilise and leverage the data you capture from our instruments, sensors, analysers and devices. We also offer specialised non-instrument related technical training on environmental compliance, principles of noise and vibration monitoring, building acoustics and general monitoring operations.

Tailored training sessions to meet your individual needs

Our training programs, both for our solutions and for general environmental monitoring education, are flexible and designed to suit your particular application or working requirements. 

Choose from our four standard training options, a hybrid arrangement or speak with an Acoem training department team member to discuss which training method would work best for your team:

  1. On-site training
    Our trainer will come to your workplace to help you install, commission and set up your equipment. He/she will provide your team with training in all aspects of instrument usage, maintenance and calibration and we can customise the session to meet specific parameters. Training manuals and other documentation will be provided
  2. Training at an Acoem site
    We invite you to join us at one of our global locations, where we will provide your team with a full training session in one of our fully set up workshops. Training manuals and other documentation will be provided
  3. Live online training
    If travel is not an option, then online training is the perfect solution. Our expert instructors will provide your team with remote training and answer any questions in a virtual session designed around your application and time zone. Digital training manuals and other documentation will be provided
  4. On demand online training
    We can offer you a pre-recorded training session that your team members can watch at a time that suits their schedule. This option also allows them to repeat sessions or refresh their knowledge at any time. It also assists with new staff training at different times. Digital training manuals and other documentation will be provided

Nobody knows your instruments better

The technical team that helped to create your equipment is the same team of technicians that will conduct your training session. We know Acoem sensors, analysers and software inside and out and are passionate about what we do. Each of our Acoem trainers is fully accredited and certified with extensive working knowledge of our instruments and its applications. 

Specialised training for environmental monitoring principles & procedures

Whether you would like to learn about specific compliance regulations or are completely new to the field of environmental monitoring, our environmental engineers and technical experts can customise a training session that will address your concerns. Our educators have had years or decades of experience in implementing training courses and are up to date with the latest global trends, local standards and technology.


Contact our environmental training department to arrange a training session

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